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Anti-Graffiti Window Film Can Prevent Vandalism

Graffiti is hard to prevent, but it’s even more difficult to remove. When vandals etch, gouge, or scratch one of your building’s display cases, mirrors, or glass windows or doors, you need to replace it immediately. Instead of making endless repairs, invest in anti-graffiti window film that will protect your property day and night.

Lower Your Energy Bills By Keeping the Lexington-Fayette Heat Outside

Large commercial buildings are notorious for having excess heat intrusion. Windows conduct sunlight and turn productive workspaces into scalding hot rooms. Ensure that your windows continue to be an asset by installing heat regulating window film. It stabilizes interior temperatures and even prevents UV rays from damaging furnishings and carpets.

Decorative Window Film Is a Problem-Solver

Does your building lack private areas to meet with clients or students one-on-one? Is the view from the corner office less than stellar? Decorative window film solves both problems by giving existing windows the look of etched glass without the high price tag that comes with it. Ask our design experts about using patterned window film to enhance your décor, make a translucent surface opaque, or to block an unappealing view in your Lexington-Fayette, KY facility.

Minimize Fog and Condensation in Hotels and Supermarkets

The hospitality and grocery business have one thing in common: both types of businesses need to fight condensation buildup. Mirrors, shower enclosures, and freezer doors frequently fog up, which can cause excess laundry or electrical expenses due to overworked sweat heaters. Installing anti-fog film will make a difference. It’s one upgrade that can improve your bottom line and your customer’s experience.

Safety & Security Window Film Prevents Injuries When Spontaneous Breakage Occurs

Glass doors and large windows enhance a building’s appearance. Unfortunately, they’re susceptible to breakage. Extreme weather can send a tree branch crashing through a window, and there’s no way to prevent unexpected bomb blasts or explosions. Protect the people who work, live, or visit your Lexington-Fayette, KY property by installing safety & security window film today.

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