Big Project. Small Budget. No Problem.

Whether you’re seeking to install window film for the first time or retrofitting a building to follow the “Better Buildings Initiative,” Sunray has the solution. While still offering all of the qualities you would expect from a 3M product, the Traditional Series Window Film is the most cost effective window film for large-scale commercial or industrial projects.

Excellent Glare Reduction for Indoor Comfort

Windows are a key feature in commercial buildings, but the downside is often excessive glare. Since most occupants work on computers or other digital devices during the daytime, reducing eye strain caused by glare is of paramount importance. 3M™ Traditional Window Film reduces this annoyance and creates workspaces that are more comfortable during peak sun hours.

Treated Windows Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

Government buildings are expensive to cool. By installing window film to glass surfaces, such as single- or double-pane windows, you can reduce the cost of air conditioning by as much as 30–40%. In order to provide you with the best available option, Sunray® Window Films offers Free Energy Audits, which forecast the savings you can expect from installing 3MTM Traditional Window Film and estimates the pay-back terms. Most customers report savings well beyond the warranty period of 25 years and more.

Maximize the Clarity of Your View

Since 3MTM Traditional Window Film is nearly invisible, you can reduce incoming heat without hindering the view from your building or office. Blinds and drapes solve only half the problem, but treated windows improve both concerns with ease. Plus, there are no unsightly half-drawn blinds visible from outside the building—improving how others view your building as well.

Excellent Protection for Your Interior Investments

The structure isn’t the only thing you’re invested in. Everything inside, from furniture, to carpet, to cubical walls, can be potentially damaged by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. 3MTM Traditional Window Film safeguards your investment by blocking the sun and protecting your interior from fading.

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