Potential rebates may be available when an energy saving device, or energy controller, is also used (varies by state).

Help Your Customers See More Clearly

When a window or mirror is fogged up, numerous things can happen. If you own a retail or wholesale facility, then showcasing your products is a priority. Customers can’t buy what they can’t see, so improving your refrigerated display cases makes good financial sense. Hotel bathrooms present challenges, too, because guests often wipe down foggy mirrors with clean towels, which adds to your laundry expense. Sunray® has the solution for both of these problems.

Reduced Condensation Equals Better Visibility

Each time a customer opens and closes the door on one of your reach-in refrigerators or freezers, it fogs up. In terms of energy loss, this can substantially impact your bottom line—and your customers’ buying decisions. Sunray® Anti-Fog Commercial Freezer Door Film is a passive, cost effective was to stop it from accumulating in the first place.

Install Sunray® Anti-Fog Commercial Freezer Door Film on just one door and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced monthly and yearly energy costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to less stress on the compressor
  • Potential longer lifespan for compressor
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • 5-year warranty for cracking, peeling, bubbling, and delaminating
  • Reduced door maintenance due to scratch-, mar-, and chemical-resistant film
  • Yearly savings up to $120 (Since the average lifespan of a freezer is 6-10 years, that equates to nearly $1,200 in savings over its lifetime.)

Fog Reduction for Hotel Interior Mirrors

No one enjoys wiping down the bathroom mirror after a steamy shower—including travelers. As a hotel owner, you know that guest satisfaction is a priority. One way to leave a lasting impression is to install Sunray® Anti-Fog Commercial Freezer Door Film on your hotel mirrors and shower doors. Guests might not know it’s there, but you’ll notice the difference because less fog equates to less condensation (and lower energy bills from exhaust fans).

Save Money and Energy

Most grocery stores and businesses use door heaters or sweat heaters to clear the fog that builds up on glass from repeated opening and closing. This translates to energy costs and wear and tear on your cooling system. Over time, equipment degrades and replacements and maintenance become yet another expense. With Sunray® Anti-Fog Commercial Freezer Door Film, your compressor will function 30% more efficiently; your sweat heaters will get a break—and your wallet will, too!

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