Looking for a Commercial Window Film Expert in OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA?

Choosing the right window film product for a government, education, retail, or commercial facility isn’t an easy task. Every building has different demands, which is why Sunray® Window Films has been servicing Oklahoma City building owners since 1994. Our experts understand the intricacies of complex projects and will ensure that your project is done right.

Enjoy your Oklahoma City View Without the Need for Window Treatments

During certain seasons, indoor temperatures rival those outside. Part of the problem is heat intrusion, and glass is the biggest culprit. Closing the blinds or shutters may solve half the problem, but you’ll block the natural light and rely more on artificial lighting to get things done. Before the hot weather rolls around, ask the energy experts at Sunray about installing heat regulating window film in your facility. It eliminates heat and glare while reducing the likelihood of premature fading due to UV damage.

Keep Your Freezer Doors Fog-Free

Customers can’t buy what they can’t see, and foggy freezer doors can cause consumers to hold the door open twice as long while trying to find what they need. Decrease the wear and tear on your compressor and reduce condensation by applying Sunray’s anti-fog film.

Stop Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

As a commercial property owner, you don’t need to be worrying about replacing vandalized windows, display cases, and mirrors. Stop vandalism before it happens by installing invisible anti-graffiti window film on changing room mirrors, glass doors and windows, and other vulnerable surfaces. It resists scratching, etching, and gouging, so your property will be safe around the clock.

Get a High-End Finish for an Introductory Price

An unattractive space can be difficult to rent, but DI NOC Architectural laminate adheres to the existing substrate, saving you money during initial construction. These faux wood, metal, and stone products also upgrade doors, hallways, and walls, and Sunray® has more than 800 options to choose from.

Decorative Window Film Makes Surfaces More Attractive

Interior glass walls and partitions make spaces look open and inviting, but they can make it difficult to hold a private meeting. If your Oklahoma City building needs a private conference area, consider installing decorative window film. It makes surfaces opaque, has the look of etched glass, and can be customized to include your logo or unique artwork.

Safety & Security Window Film Reduces Injuries When Glass Breaks

There’s no way to predict when an explosion, bomb blast, or extreme weather event will occur, and flying glass presents an immediate danger to others. To ensure your occupants are safe in the event of breakage, install safety & security window film in public-facing areas. The film holds the broken pieces intact, so you and your loved ones can exit the area without fear.

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