Sun Control Prestige Series Window Film

Hello Sunlight! Bye Bye Blinding Heat!  We’re all drawn to beautiful spaces, and office buildings and homes are no different. Daylight is a natural resource that makes us feel alert and engaged, so finding a way to reduce your reliance on artificial lighting while increasing your enjoyment of the space you’re in motivated 3M to create its Prestige Window Film to meet your demands.

High Performance Solar Rejection = Greater Energy Efficiency

While most window tinting film reduces the sun’s likelihood of overheating an office building to a certain degree, 3MTM Prestige Window Film exceeds its competitors and achieves total solar energy rejection. In short, your window film works hard so your air conditioner doesn’t have to. This competition crushing film has been tested under the most rigorous conditions in order to ensure that your windows reject the sun’s heat even during the hottest days of the year.

3M™ Prestige Exterior Series

“The 3M window film was an easy decision,” said Brian Kenyon, chief financial officer, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. “It protects our artifacts from UV rays, improves our visitor experience and reduces energy consumption. This window film is durable enough to give us years of performance while simultaneously enhancing the aesthetics and efficiency of the museum. After researching numerous options, 3M was the only solution that didn’t contain any metal, preventing corrosion and thereby making it the only viable solution.”

New Non-Corrosive, Non-Metal Film Outlasts the Competition

Many window film products can rust over time due to exposure to moisture, which can seriously impact your home’s value if seasonal weather is problematic. This equates to greater replacement costs and impaired visibility. 3MTM Prestige Window Film doesn’t contain metal, so it lasts longer. It also has an added benefit for commercial building owners because it doesn’t interfere with mobile phone usage. 3MTM Prestige Window Film performs to the highest standards in the industry and comes in a variety of options, so you can enjoy long-term, effective, decorative enhancement.

Sparkling Clarity with Low Reflectivity—Day or Night

Many window tinting films reflect images, much like looking into a mirror. That may be fine from the outside of an industrial building, but you probably don’t want your home to look this way. On the flip side, most window films also reflect into the interior during the night, which can be unnerving for those burning the midnight oil. 3MTM Prestige Window Film solves both problems while increasing the value of your property simultaneously.

Successfully Block Fading from the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

For commercial buildings with extreme sun exposure, window tinting must perform at its peak. 3MTM Prestige Window Film protects your furnishings by blocking up to 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This can reduce future expenses by helping your furnishings last longer while remaining vibrant and fade-free.

Optically Clear Thanks to Nanotechnology

No matter what treatment you choose for your windows, you still want to enjoy a crystal clear view every single day, which is why 3M uses technology on the smallest level—nanotechnology. By creating a patented film that is comprised of hundreds of layers and is still thinner than a Post-it® Note, 3MTM Prestige Window Film is able to deliver superior results with long-lasting benefits.

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