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Worried about the cold winter blues???

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You ask why?

The answer is simple… If you have been installing window film for a  minimum of (3 years) you can have your own protected territory as an Authorized Anti-Fog Window Film Dealer. Anti-Fog  is a 4 mil film that can be applied to any glass surface where fogging of a window can occur. With that being said, grocery store freezer doors, hotel mirrors, shower doors, and even car windows can fog up. For example: Anti-Fog  film can help with a grocery store freezer door from fogging up, preventing the next customer from seeing the merchandise and wondering if what they are looking for exists.

With this film applied, the sweat heaters that control the fogging of the glass can now be unplugged. Sweat heaters can be very costly, depending on the amount of doors that open and close. They can cost a grocery store $100-$150 per door per year. How much is that with a store that has 144 freezer doors? Answer: Average annual cost at $100.00 is $14,400.

Now with Anti-Fog freezer film, the glass is clear, energy is reduced, and utility companies are offering a refrigeration rebate in your state. What more could you ask for to solve those slow winter blues! Sign up today, and bring in more $$$ and another product to your existing window film business,



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