3M Prestige Window Film vs. Competitive Spectra Select Window Films

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Sunray Window Films of Cleveland, received a contract with Case Western Reserve University for the Library area of the building that houses their library collections and their growing historical collections. Unlike to most installations, the window film had to be applied outside on the roof of the building. The reason we installed the 3M Prestige 70 Window Film on the outside is because of the age of the interior windows. The exterior windows had a storm affixed to the existing windows.


This interior view of the windows, and installing the window film on each individual panes of glass was not the way to go… Too much time! We wanted to install the 3M Prestige 70 Window Film inside the building. We could not because the hatch to crawl up onto the roof was only 48″ square, and the storm windows were 59 x 64 each. Do to the size of the windows we had to deal with the outside elements and remove and re-install each window film installation on the exterior.


We were in luck! The old window film that we removed was made by 3M. The 3M RE35NEARL window film was easy to remove. Unlike those other film manufactures that our competitors use. If the window film would have been vista window film or llumar window film, my employees would have been very angry with me. Thank goodness the film was 3M window film! 🙂  With jobs like these, we enjoy removing and re-installing old window film. It may be easier to install the vista and llumar window films, but, try and remove the old film. In this case… it would have been very to HARD to remove and more than likely, the glass would probably has a good chance of the installers breaking the glass. The dry adhesive (CDF) would make the removal very, very difficult.


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