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Sunraynatioallogo Is the competition…

Getting the leads and you are not?
Getting the jobs and you are not?
Getting the opportunities and you are not?


Sunray™ Window Films has become a leading
3M Window Film Dealer and it is no accident.
Hard work, careful strategies, and lots of trial
and error have yielded a successful program for
marketing the highest quality films and the best
installation practices in the business.

Would you like the opportunity to
benefit from our years of hard work
and costly investment?

We have learned that it is most important to be
the FIRST company prospective clients call and
the LAST one they talk to before making their
window film decision. Even in a bad economy
people and businesses are still installing window
film products, there may be fewer of them,
but they are out there. The key is getting your
name in front of them.

We can show you how to grow your business
through great leads, proven marketing
strategies and a more professional image.

The Sunray™ Marketing Program will give you
the tools to capture more business by exposing
you to opportunities you have probably been
missing, will give your company a greater
presence in your market and will leave your
competition wondering what happened.
Our marketing program is available to you at
three different levels allowing you to choose
which format best fits your company’s goals.

We offer:
• Professional Image – printed materials,
website and more

• Qualified Commercial Lead Generation

• Advertising Campaign

• Quarterly Web-based training

• On-Line quote forms delivered straight to

• Customer Database to track leads and


If you are a 3M Authorized Dealer and want to learn more?



 Call Sunray™ Window Films 1-800-295-8468


*This Sunray License/Marketing Agreement has been approved by 3M.


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