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3M/Sunray Quality Control

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With an attention to detail, we strive to use only the BEST
products available today! Sunray makes sure everything is taken care of
properly and in working order. Our spray bottles are cleaned and
inspected daily for proper installation of 3M Window Films.

We also use Johnson’s baby shampoo for cleaning and installation of
our films. By using Johnson’s baby shampoo we make sure the 3M Film
cures properly and dry’s very quickly. This method may be more
expensive, but we believe that by using Johnson’s baby shampoo the 3M
Window Film adhesive dryes out properly without an warranty issues.

Cleaning our windows with the proper solutions and using the
appropriate blades (stainless steel) make our windows spotless.  A
clean window + a trained 3M Sunray installer + 3M Window Film =
Perfection and Performance.

Quality Control

If you’re wanting quality control? Look no further than 3M… 3M’s
attention to detail and quality control is unparallel to any window
film company I personally have ever used. I can say this because I
personally have used all different types of window films on the market.
I have installed many different types of films: Llumar, Solar Gard,
Vista, V-Kool, etc since 1988.

Take a good look at your roll of film. That’s right, look at the film on the core.

Is it even with the core? I bet the film you are using is uneven with the core.

3M Window Films have an even distribution between the core and the film.

What does this mean?

  • – If the film telescopes on the Film Handler, like with competitive
    films (Llumar, Vista, Huper, etc.) and your looking for an exact cut
    for the glass? You might be out of luck! You’ve just wasted your
    material! Wasted $$$!

  • – An installer who is miserable because his/her boss is mad at him/her for wasting his/her product. 🙁

  • – When using a Film Handler, the 3M Film is easy to line up and get
    the proper dimensions for each window being filmed. Why? How do you ask?

Ask for quality! Ask for the Best!

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