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Sunray® Decorative Film Install – Sisters of Charity- Cleveland Ohio

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Dusted Crystal Installation








Sunray® installed 3M Decorative Window Film at the Sisters of Charity Health System 2475 E.22nd. Street Cleveland Ohio 4415. The first floor offices needed to have a privacy window film applied to all the glass lites on the lower level windows. Dusted Crystal & Yamato Decorative Film was the film that was used to provide the secluded appearance.


At a fraction of the cost of etched-glass, Fasara films are perfectly suited for interior glass partitions or the inside surface of windows. Available in several frosted glass film textures which can be die-cut for highly customizable designs, Fasara films can be used to create a more private atmosphere or a more dynamic aesthetic.


Pattern Samples

Fabric, Frost and Mat Patterns
Gradation & Combination Patterns
Prism & Dot Patterns
Stripe, Border & Line Patterns[/leftbox]



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