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Sunray® Anti Fog Commercial Freezer Film Now Available

By August 13, 2012October 28th, 2016No Comments

Have you ever been concerned about what happens to a freezer when you open it up? Actuallly, the freezer doors all fog up from humidity and the glass is not visible. In order for the glass to clear up, an electrically controlled sweat heater turns on to clear the foggy glass panel.

What if you had a 4 mil film that could have a freezer door clear from fogging up? That film is available today!

 Sunray® Anti Fog Freezer Film

  • Improves customer experience with a constant clear view
  • Prevents door from fogging
  • In-Store Branding opportunities
  • Delivers significant energy savings through  Zero-Energy Consumption from “Sweat Heaters”

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