Riot Glass: The Ultimate Property Protection

In today’s ever-changing world, the importance of safeguarding our buildings and the individuals inside has never been more paramount. As a 3M Window Film installer catering to commercial, educational, governmental, and residential sectors, we are excited to present a series of American made products that transform the landscape of safety and security. Our newest lineup of products revolutionizes the concepts of safety and security, offering unmatched defense for your property.

Introducing Riot Glass

Riot Glass is not just a product, is a promise of unwavering protection.  Designed to offer superior resistance against forced entry, ballistics threats, and natural disasters, Riot Glass is the 24-hour cost effective guardian your property deserves.

What Makes Riot Glass the Ultimate Defender?

Riot Glass is a revolutionary window film technology meticulously engineered to fortify your property’s windows and doors. This advanced safety solution is composed of multiple layers of high-strength film, bonded to glass, creating a robust, impact-resistant barrier. Designed to withstand severe forces from both human and natural threats, Riot Glass acts as an invisible shield, preserving the integrity of your spaces while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s protection against break-ins, vandalism, or extreme weather conditions, Riot Glass delivers continuous, unobtrusive security, ensuring your property and its occupants are safeguarded around the clock.

How Does Riot Glass Work?

The Riot Glass patented framing systems are uniquely designed to absorb and dissipate kinetic energy, preventing damage to the structure and the glass itself. This video provides a good explanation of ArmorPlast System and the differentiators.

Our Differentiators

Security Infills

Our military-grade polycarbonate and acrylic blend is developed by aviation glass experts, offering superior durability, color stability, clarity, and longevity compared to standard polycarbonates, making our ArmorPlast® panels a more robust choice for property protection.

Framing Systems

Our framing systems are crafted for maximum strength with minimal sightline intrusion, ensuring virtually invisible protection. Unlike competitors, we use tamper-resistant mechanical fasteners for a refined appearance and easy repair, providing reliable protection without compromising the look of your property.

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Riot Glass Advantages

Why Choose Riot Glass?
Riot Glass is not just a product, it’s a comprehensive security solution offering benefits such as:

  • Enhanced Security: Provides a formidable barrier against burglaries, vandalism, and forced entries.
  • Always-On Protection: Unlike temporary measures, Riot Glass is a permanent solution that doesn’t compromise your property’s aesthetics.
  • Impact Resistance: Offers protection from natural disasters, including hurricanes and severe storms, by withstanding high-impact forces.
  • Energy Efficiency: Improves insulation, leading to reduced energy costs and increased comfort.
  • Noise Reduction: Significantly reduces outside noise, contributing to a quieter, more peaceful environment.

Riot Glass: Product Spotlight

Main Products

  • Riot Glass
  • Armor Blast
  • J Series


RG Series

  • RG1-LS
  • RG2-LS
  • RG3-LS
  • RG4-LS
  • RG5-LS
  • RG6-LS
  • RG7-LS

AP Series

  • AP25
  • AP375
  • P375-BR
  • AP50-BR
  • AP75-BR-LV1
  • AP100-BR-LV2
  • AP100-BR-LV3
  • AP125-BR-LV6



  • AP25 1″ IGU
  • AP25 3/4″ IGU
  • AP375 IGU
  • AP375-BR IGU

Who Can Benefit from Riot Glass?

Riot Glass is versatile and beneficial for a wide range of properties, including:

  • Retail Store Fronts: Riot Glass enhances storefront and office security, protecting assets and employees, while maintaining the inviting appearance crucial for attracting customers.
  • Commercial Buildings: In commercial spaces, Riot Glass serves as a resilient barrier, deterring break-ins and minimizing potential damage, thereby ensuring business continuity and a secure working environment.
  • Educational Institutions: For schools and universities, Riot Glass secures windows and doors, creating a safer learning environment that allows students and faculty to focus on education without fear.
  • Government Facilities: Riot Glass reinforces critical infrastructure in government buildings, ensuring the continuity of essential services while protecting those who serve the public.
  • Religious Facilities: In places of worship, Riot Glass safeguards sanctuaries and community spaces, preserving the tranquility and sanctity needed for congregational gatherings and peace of mind.
  • Hospitals: For healthcare facilities, Riot Glass ensures a secure environment for patients and staff, protecting against external threats while contributing to a healing atmosphere.
  • Hospitality: In the hospitality industry, Riot Glass enhances guest security and comfort, ensuring a safe, protected, and uninterrupted experience for visitors.
  • Residential Homes: Riot Glass protects families and personal property in residential homes from external threats, providing homeowners with peace of mind and a sense of security within their own sanctuary.

Installation Process

Our expert team at Sunray Window Films ensures a smooth and efficient installation process, minimizing disruption to your daily activities. We work meticulously to retrofit Riot Glass to your existing windows and doors, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

Warranty and Support

Every Riot Glass installation comes with a comprehensive warranty, reflecting our confidence in its performance and durability. Our dedicated support team is always here to assist you, providing peace of mind long after installation.

Resources and Further Reading

For more in-depth information about Riot Glass, we’ve compiled a list of resources and studies highlighting the efficacy and benefits of Riot Glass.

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