By purchasing a home, you’ve invested thousands of dollars in creating a warm, inviting environment for your family and friends. As much as we all love bright, sunny days, sunlight can overheat your home, overtax your cooling system, and fade your beautiful furnishings. Sunray® Window Films offers a variety of window tinting solutions that can improve the quality of your home and increase your enjoyment of it.

Year-Round Energy Savings

Natural light is a wonderful gift and makes any room feel more open and energetic. But if your residence has windows that face the sun for several hours each day, then your rooms are probably hotter than you’d like. By choosing the experts at Sunray® Window Films, you can learn how to decrease unwanted heat and retain the insulation performance during the cold winter months while also reducing your reliance on expensive air conditioning.

We recommend 3M™ Window Film because it can prevent as much as 79% of that heat from entering your home, which means your cooling system won’t need to run nearly as often. In addition to the savings you’ll receive from using your utilities less, you can also potentially increase the lifespan of your cooling unit by cutting down on the daily wear and tear from constant usage on hot days.

Enjoy The Beauty Of Natural Lighting

Research shows that natural light can improve not only your mood but also your overall well-being. Taking advantage of that light can be a challenge, but the experts at Sunray® Window Films can help you make the right choice in terms of window tinting that maximizes the quality of the sun’s natural light while also enhancing the time you spend inside your home.

Reducing Indoor Glare Improves Television Viewing

If you’ve ever tried to watch television or view your computer screen near a window with no drapes, you know how challenging it can be. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other, though. Sunray® Window Films can easily reduce glare, so that you can enjoy watching a movie or a ball game without needing to close the drapes or blinds.

Protect Your Interior From Sun Damage

Over time, furniture and carpets can fade if exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, but no one wants to block natural light or cover their furnishings day in and day out. With the right window tinting, you can invite the sun into your home without the risk of damaging fabrics, wood, or wallpaper. In fact, many of the window film products that Sunray® Window Films recommends and installs can block up to 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays [Prestige]. This means less frequent replacement costs and never needing to close your drapes and shades to protect your home—just one reason that interior designers recommend our window films.

decorative window film in bathroom

Get Creative With Customized Decorative Window Film

For some windows, you may want to increase your privacy but still enjoy the natural light. If you have windows that face another residence, the solution is as simple as having decorative window film installed strategically to enhance your privacy. Bedroom and bathroom windows can easily be modified to have a modern look while preventing your neighbors from seeing inside your home. Fasara™ Decorative Window Film can also be used to create a myriad of special effects on interior glass surfaces. The only limit is your own imagination.

Maintain And Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The one thing no homeowner wants is for passersby to get that mirror-like reflection that is associated with many window tinting films. After all, this is your home, not a commercial building downtown. Sunray® Window Films carries Traditional Window Film, a low reflectivity product, so you can enjoy the view from inside while your neighbors appreciate it while driving by your home.

Give Your Family An Extra Layer Of Security

Of all the benefits associated with window film, you may not have considered it as a form of protection for your loved ones. Security window films make your windows more difficult to penetrate, which deters intruders because it makes your residence harder to break into. Even if a window is shattered due to a rock, projectile, or bullet, the window film helps the glass stay in place—which means less likelihood of shards injuring someone nearby, which offers peace of mind in the event of destructive weather as well.

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