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Replaced Bad Competitive Film (Westlake Ohio) – Install 3M RE50NEARL

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3MSunraynewhomeinstall   Sunray™ had received a call from a customer who has currently used us in the past, and wanted us to come to their home in Westlake, Ohio that was a model home. They were the 2nd owners of the model home. The previous owners had some special amenities added to their home.

One such amenity was a uv window film. This particular film was installed about 5 years ago and had looked very bad! It was a window film made by a manufacturer other than 3M. The Sunray™ installers had tried to figure out who the manufacturer of the product was because of how cheap the film was and how bad it looked for being on the glass since 2004.

Sunray™ installers did not have to look long to figure out who installed the window film in 2004. They found a sticker from a local competitor.

Sun troll I refuse to give my competitor any publicity but believe you can figure out who they might be and that they used a CHEAP product that rusted on the window when they installed the window film on this home in Westlake Ohio.

Sunray™ installed 3M RE50NEARL( Download RE50NEARL) and removed and replaced the bad film that had been applied previously.The homeowners was very pleased and now have a new 3M window film Lifetime Warranty backed by a 25 billion dollar company. Their warranty covers.


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