The Next Generation of Protection

While crime will always be a fact of life, you can protect the occupants of your retail business or school by taking extra measures to ensure that breaking in isn’t easy. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, nearly 61 percent of burglaries involve forced entry. Window film can delay an intruder’s access, but DefenseLite™ keeps intruders out!

The Science of Security

Bad guys don’t rest, and just because you’ve gone home for the day doesn’t mean your building’s security takes a night off. Windows and glass doors make retail establishments vulnerable to smash and grab crime because they’re easy to shatter and enter.

DefenseLite™ is a clear custom-cut polycarbonate panel that bonds to an existing window or glass door, making it unbreakable and giving your building an extra level of safety. While the glass inside may break, the flexible panel will absorb a projectile’s energy and remain intact.

Keep Intruders Out of Your School

With on-campus shootings becoming far more common, you want to protect your students as much as possible from harm.

DefenseLite Interior View

DefenseLite Interior View

Buildings with street level windows and glass door entrances can easily be compromised by a rock, hammer, bat, or bullet. DefenseLite™ polycarbonate panels buy you precious time if someone attempts to break into your facility because it takes intruders five times longer to enter when compared to a window treated with safety film. This means more time for law enforcement to arrive and for you and your students to exit safely.

DefenseLite™ Benefits

  • 250x stronger than glass
  • Multiple options for ballistic glass protection
  • Invisible protection
  • Clear visibility inside and out
  • 8-year warrantied UV coated system
  • Non-fogging panels
  • Reduces interior noise
  • Anti-scratch/graffiti
  • Reduces heating and air conditioning costs
  • Less expensive (and more appealing) than erecting gates
BulletShield - Safety & Security Glazing

BulletShield – Safety & Security Glazing

Long-Term Beauty with Low Maintenance Requirements

If your school or establishment is concerned about armed shooters, then ask one of our experts about BulletShield™, a ballistic security option that can actually stop bullets from entering or penetrating your facility.

Call Sunray® today to learn more about the benefits of installing DefenseLite™ or BulletShield™ in your building.