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Funny how much publicity a 3M Dealer can receive from writing about window film. Their are many different choices people make every day…

Posting blogs about Sun control, Safety & Security, Decorative Solutions, and helpful hints from the field is what this blog is about. Useful information for the 3M Dealer network.

For all those sour grapes who want to make mention of other people’s mistakes, need to learn FIRST, that owning a business takes time and hard work… Owning a business for a couple of years does not give YOU the authority to judge any Dealer (3M) or other.


Pictures are posted along with comments that are made to help people understand that we all have opinions about our products and services that we sell.


Humor is a reminder that no matter how high the throne one sits on, one sits on one’s bottom.  ~Taki


Posts are listed along with comments that are made to help people understand what 3M and other products have to offer. If you agree or disagree, these posts are from information given to us Dealers in the 3M Dealer Network.

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