3M® Residential Tint Simulator

Experience before you invest. With our commercial window tint simulator, preview the visual effect of the 3M Prestige, Ceramic, Night Vision, Traditional, and Safety/Security window films on your commercial office edifice. Each film variety offers unique benefits and potential cost savings tailored for your establishment.

Prestige Series

Crafted to preserve the aesthetics of your home, the Prestige Series films offer a reflectivity even subtler than clear glass. They permit up to 70% of natural light to flood your space. Regardless of the time or viewpoint, inside or out, all that stands out is a stunning window.

prestige no film

No Film

3m window film prestige 50

Prestige 50

prestige 70

Prestige 70

3m prestige series

Prestige 40

3m prestige series prestige 60

Prestige 60

Ceramic Series

Utilizing cutting-edge ceramics, these films are engineered to retain their hue and visual appeal over the long haul. They efficiently repel as much as 80% of the sun’s heat-generating infrared rays and shield against 99% of UV radiation, all while boasting a minimal reflectivity that’s comparable to clear glass.

3M ceramic window film no film simulator

No Film

3M ceramic 50 window film simulator

Ceramic 50

3M ceramic 40 window film simulator

Ceramic 40

3M ceramic 30 window film simulator

Ceramic 30

Night Vision Series

Night Vision window films efficiently shield against the sun’s harmful UV rays while managing heat and minimizing glare. They allow daylight to illuminate your interiors and, due to their low internal reflectivity, preserve your nighttime views. The darker shades of this film additionally offer daytime privacy, preventing onlookers from peering into your premises.

3M ceramic window film no film simulator

No Film

Night vision 25

Night Vision 25

night vision 35

Night Vision 35

Night vision 15

Night Vision 15

Safety Series

3M™ Safety and Security Window Films act as a shield for your business and its inhabitants against dangers like burglaries and extreme weather occurrences, including hurricanes. They’re engineered to bind glass shards, diminishing the risk of injuries from shattered glass during intense storms and establishing a fortified obstacle against intruders. You can opt for the transparent, safety-focused variant or choose a hybrid film that amalgamates both sun control and safety attributes.

Safety and security no film

No Film

3M safety and security Ultra Night Vision S25

Ultra Night Vision S25

Ultra Prestige S70 safety and security film

Ultra Prestige S70

Safety and security Ultra 600

Ultra S600

Ultra Prestige S50 Safety and security

Ultra Prestige S50

Ultra 800 safety and security window film

Ultra 800

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