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How To Remove Residential & Commercial Window Tinting

By January 1, 2009October 28th, 20164 Comments

 01-frustrated At Sunray, we get calls for removal of window film for the home or office. We also get calls asking how to remove window tinting from car windows.We only install 3M window film for homes and businesses. But, we still get calls for cars.

 Sunray Window Films installs 3M Window Film and enjoys the benefits of having to remove 3M vs. llumar, vista, madico. In a privous blog, we explain the reasons…

Follow this link when removing any 3M window film or any automotive window tint:


If you are using a product that is not manufactured by 3M, you will need a good amount of razor blades and alot of time on your hands in order to remove all the glue that other manufactures call CDF or dry adhesive. Madico, Llumar, Vista, just to name a few have a dry adhesive that bonds to your glass chemically.

Before you purchase from one of these unknown companies??? Llumar – Vista – Huper Optik… Do your homework and find out all you can about these manufacturers. When you are done doing your research…

Sleep well at night!!!  Choose 3M brands!


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  • COL says:

    If the first layer comes off and leaves the second layer, use Duck Tape (3M) to remove the second layer. Apply the tape in rows over the purple layer of window film, overlapping by an inch or so. Leave the tape on in the sun for about an hour or two so the glue adheres to the film, then remove the tape. The film lifts off with the tape. Try a small area to test the amount of time need for the sun to heat up the tape. One to two hours worked for me in the hot Florida sun. If the test strip doesn’t work the first time, leave the tape on longer. Then use ammonia or 409 and a dishwashing scrubber to remove the glue. It worked great with very little effort!

  • SUS says:

    If the film is PS adhesive, you can verify by an odor… sweet the film off the window with a clear bag and soap and water. If the film is a dry adhesive, GOOD LUCK! Have plenty of razor blades available. The sun will not reactivate the dry adhesive!
    First, apply alot of moisture to the window with soap and water in a small spray bottle. 2nd, apply a clear bag to the window and cover all areas with the clear bag. 3rd, let soak for about 30 to 60 minutes in the direct sunlight. 4th, remove the bag and the film will pull off reactivating the glue and the glass will be clean.
    You may have a some areas that have glue left and you may have to use a razor to remove.

  • I wish I would have read this 2 years ago. I was trying to remove the purple tint that the previous owner put on it but I didn’t know how. I scratched up the windows so bad with the razor blades and my fingernails were raw from picking at it until it was all off. That took me a couple hours to get just 1 of the windows done before I took it somewhere else to have it done for me.

  • mesa glass says:

    I would highly getting it done professionally unless you really know what you are doing. I tried removing it once before on my old car and scratched up the windows so much with the razor blade in the process. Never again…

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