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Gila® – Llumar® – Vista® window film vs. 3M™ Window Films

By December 3, 2008October 28th, 2016One Comment

3MSunrayinstaller  As a 3M Window Film Prestige Dealer, we would like to ask some questions as to why Gila, Llumar, and Vista window films have their own dealer network??? From the consumer standpoint, if you were choosing a window tint film for your home or office why would you want to use a company that has a do-it-yourself or an Authorized Llumar or Vista Dealer?

I am asking this because what is the difference between the products. Is the Gila (do-it-yourself) any better or worse than the llumar or vista window film brands?

From the Authorized LLumar and Vista Dealer standpoint:

– Are you dissappointed with your manufacturer for taking sales away from you?

– Can you explain to the customer why your Llumar product is better or worse than Vista?

– Can you explain to the customer why your Vista product is better or worse than Llumar or Gila?

– Why do their sample cards give you performance for 1/8 inch clear single pane glass?

     – If their CDF adhesive is so good, why don't they have an easier way to remove the film when the needed to be removed?

– Why isn't their CDF adhesive used on Safety & Security Films is it's so great?!


I am not trying to pick on the Authorized Llumar or Vista Dealers… just the companies who make their product line. All Film Dealers are just trying to make a living selling what they know and love… Window Tint Film. Stop Selling to the consumers!!! Stop making GILA Window Films!


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  • Florida dealer says:

    i have to agree with this article. The manufacturer should help the dealers and not let consumers buy the do it yourself kits. We loose money because the homeowners think they can do it themselves and it looks terrible. Then the neighbors think that all window films look this bad!

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