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Safety & Security | ASIS Meeting | Akron Canton Ohio

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        Safety, Security, Savings – The Whole Package 


 When people hear the term, “Window Film”, their immediate mental picture is “tint” – whether it be automobile  window tints or those applied in other settings for darkening.  Today’s 3M Window Films can certainly accomplish that, but they are so much more!  Sure, 3M window films can “tint”, but our “nano-technology” based products can provide the UV protections and energy conservation benefits yet be Virtually Clear!  The latest developments, and the topic we will be focusing on this morning, is in the area of Safety and Security, where 3M’s Fragment Retention and Adhesive technologies combine to present a solution to a variety of situations ranging from basic Commercial/Retail window-smash and high-wind storm protection to Bomb-Blast glass fragment retention which will protect against injury from flying glass shards in the event of an explosion . These window films have found their way into numerous Commercial, Retail, Government and even some high-end private environments where the protection of workers, the public and property is a concern.

 * Video Footage of glass fragmentation and protection process will be shown!!!


 Speaker Bio: John Susnik is the owner & president of Sunray Window Films, LLC. 

 Mr. Susnik has been in the window film business since 1987 when he started a company installing tinted film products on automobiles.  In 1994; seeing the product, need and opportunity in the area of Residential and Commercial Window Film applications, Mr. Susnik focused his company’s energies on developing skills in this market totally and, seeing that 3M products are the most technologically advanced, partnering with 3M exclusively.  Mr. Susnik’s, Sunray Window Films, LLC, is a 3M Authorized Prestige Dealer; a designation reserved for only a handful of 3M’s dealers, based upon their knowledge, expertise and customer satisfaction.  Mr. Susnik’s network of 3M Dealer partners gives his North-East Ohio Company a global presence where quality 3M product and superior Sunray 3M Prestige service are guaranteed.

Akron/Canton ASIS 2009 Meeting:



Country Club (Akron/Canton ASIS Meeting)

2220 Raber Road







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