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Different Types of Glass

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Types of Glass

Windows     There are many different types of windows being installed today. 95% of the windows in NE Ohio Area are ¼ inch tempered double/insulated glass. Builders in new construction are using this model unless the customer wants an upgrade. Certain homes and buildings also use ¼ inch double/insulated low e glass.
Windowsforhome  Choices to name a few are as follows: Clear single pane glass, tinted single pane glass, double/insulated clear glass, double/insulated tinted glass, double/insulated tempered low e glass, single tempered laminated glass, double/insulated laminated glass, heat mirror, triple pane windows, etc…
Commprestigebefore1  As a window film dealer, you are expected to know what types of glass are being used. To know the specifics of each potential customer’s windows is very important! You the dealer have to follow certain criteria when deciding what to sell to the customer. The reason you must follow this criteria is because not all film/tint is safe for certain types of windows. By not following the correct film for the glass/window you can crack the glass.
Why you ask? Window film/tint is designed to reflect and absorb energy. Each window is different with its own performance and by installing window film/tint you can crack the glass if you are not experienced in knowing what types of glass are being used.

3M Prestige Window Film/Tint Dealer

Sunray is an Authorized 3M Prestige Dealer. We use 3M’s window film/tint glass checklist online to verify what film/tint is the best for our potential clients. The glass checklist is important for Sunray because we rely on what 3M is going to warrant for their window film/tint products. A 3M warranty is essential to every customer that wants a warranty backed by a 25+ billion dollar company.

I personally have run into many different types of glass in my 20 years of estimating and installing window film/tint. I have seen a lot of good and bad glass in the industry over the years. Some window manufacturers have come and gone.

One such job called for an atrium that needed to reduce the heat load. Upon looking at the specifications for the glass, I noticed that the glass was ¼ inch double pane pvb or laminated low e glass. With this in mind, I had to go online to the 3M warranty website and do a glass checklist. The films/tints that were chosen all failed. This is because of the lamination in the glass. Most window film/tint companies will not warrant against glass breakage because of the heat buildup. My competitor did not even do a glass checklist. They probably assumed that you could get a lift and install film/tint on any window. Sunray Window Films on the other hand did a glass checklist and notified the building manager of a problem and that we could not supply him with a film/tint on the inside. We could install from the outside but, the glass is slopped and very dangerous to install using soap and water with an outside weatherable window film/tint.

Heat Mirror

Heat Mirror Window  Just the other day we had to pass on a rare install that consisted of windows made with a film suspended in between the glass. These particular windows are called Heat Mirror. Hurd and Stanek windows are manufactured as Heat Mirror windows. These windows look different and have a small whole at the bottom of the window indicating where the film is located.
I mentioned to the customer that since they have Heat Mirror windows, we cannot install window film/tint to them because we could damage them or even break the glass. The customer never heard of this and wanted to know what they could do because it was so hot inside their cabin home? My answer was simple.
     1st – Paint your deck outside a different color. Preferably a lighter color.
     2nd – Film the skylights with 3M P-18ARL (Silver)
     3rd – Consider blinds 🙁 I hated to mention this.
3M and other manufacturers will not give a warranty for these particular windows. If you’re not cautious about what type of windows you are dealing with, then you the dealer will suffer the consequences. As a dealer for 3M, Vista, Llumar, Madico, Huper, Solar Gard window film/tint you must understand the makeup of all different types of glass and make sure you follow the correct procedures that your manufacturer specifies. If you do not… you will have an angry customer and a lighter wallet.


Do some research before you install window film/tint from a window film/tint DEALER. Get referrals, get copies of workers compensation to know that they don’t use INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, get payroll reports, get Liability Insurance Certificates. I cannot say this enough. Do your research!

“In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or understand”.
Neil Armstrong

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