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When Newark, New Jersey building owners need to reduce energy consumption, stabilize indoor temperatures, and keep their visitors, occupants, and customers safe, they turn to Sunray® Window Films. Since 1994, we’ve provided the best window film products and installation services. Give us a call to learn how to improve your commercial, government, or high-rise building.

Nix the Newark Heat and Reduce Your Energy Bills

Spring and summer days are beautiful in Newark, but the sun can easily overtake your facility and leave people scrambling for blinds and boosting the air conditioning. Window treatments block natural light and increase the need for artificial light, so consider installing heat regulating window film instead. It blocks unwanted heat while letting the sun shine in.

Stop Vandalism Instead of Repairing It

Even the safest areas in Newark, NJ have their share of vandalism. Glass display cases, doors, and windows make easy targets, and vandals also look for dressing room and restroom mirrors. Prevent etching-, scratching, and gouging by installing anti-graffiti window film throughout your facility.

Prevent Injuries When a Window Breaks By Installing Safety & Security Window Film

Broken glass never falls neatly into a pile, which is why commercial building owners need to protect vulnerable surfaces in case an explosion, bomb blast, or smash-and-grab crime occurs. For your own peace of mind, install safety & security window film in your Newark, New Jersey facility. It keeps broken glass intact and minimizes the risk of injuries when the unexpected happens.

Update Your Windows or Create Instant Privacy with Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film might not be your first design choice, but many Newark companies use it to create a focal centerpiece in their building’s lobby or reception area. Since Sunray® offers hundreds of designs and patterns that can be customized to order, you can create something unique and memorable for your clients or customers. These versatile films offer the look of etched glass and also turn transparent surfaces opaque, so you can create a private meeting area without the need for blinds or draperies.

Prevent Fog from Reducing Visibility in Your Grocery Store or Hotel Restrooms

Freezer doors fog up easily whenever they’re opened, and that equates to additional wear and tear on your sweat heaters. Hotel owners also deal with condensation and the added laundry expenses that accumulate when guests wipe down foggy mirrors or shower doors. Minimize condensation and cut costs by installing anti-fog film. It’s invisible, low maintenance, and pays for itself in the long run.

Transform an Unattractive Surface with the Warmth of Wood

Natural materials, like metal, wood, and stone give interior surroundings a luxurious look. Unfortunately, they can be expensive to install. DI NOC Architectural laminate offers a great alternative and can be easily installed during the building or renovation process. Ask our design experts about the 800+ options Sunray® offers

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