Looking for a Window Film Expert in NEW YORK, NEW YORK?

Since 1994, Sunray® Window Films has provided outstanding window film sales and installation services to commercial, government, and educational facilities in New York, New York. We understand that the needs of individual businesses vary, so meet with our knowledgeable industry experts before selecting a product for your facility. They’ll help you keep your occupants safe, reduce vandalism, control indoor temperatures, and much, much more.

Reduce Potential Injuries Due to Broken Glass with Safety & Security Window Film

No one knows when a window will break or when a criminal with attempt a smash-and-grab crime, but you still need to do your best to protect your property and the people who frequent it. Protect against bomb blasts, explosions, and extreme weather by installing Safety & Security Window Films in your New York building. They hold broken glass in place and protect the people you care about.

Stabilize Interior Temperatures in Your New York Facility

Large windows and glass doors look great, but they conduct heat and can make the inside of your commercial building uncomfortably warm. Block heat intrusion, excess glare, and damaging UV rays by installing Heat Regulating Window Film. It’ll reduce your energy bills and eliminate the need for light-blocking window treatments.

Reduce Fog and Improve Visibility with Anti-Fog Film

Whenever a customer opens a freezer door in your grocery store, the sweat heater kicks on to clear the condensation. Over time, your equipment wears down and your energy bills go up. Anti-fog film eliminates the fog and can be applied to glass shower enclosures or restroom mirrors in hotels, too.

Change Your Building’s Appearance Inexpensively

Decorative window film works wonders when you need to renovate your building’s appearance or create a unique focal point on a glass partition. Many New York companies use decorative window film to showcase their logos and unique artwork, while others use it to create private meeting spaces. Choose from a wide selection of patterns and designs and get the look of etched glass for far less than the real thing.

Get the Look of Stone, Metal, or Wood Without the High Price Tag

When designing or remodeling a corporate space, hotel, or healthcare facility, cost is always a factor. High-end finishes, like metal, stone, or wood, can cost a bundle, but Sunray® has the solution. We offer more than 800 architectural finishes that can be applied over existing surfaces to simulate that natural look. Ask our design team about DI NOC Architectural laminate today.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Vandals cost businesses millions of dollars every year, and as a commercial building owner or developer, you may be looking for a way to prevent it from happening. Sunray® Window Films carries scratch, gouge-, and etch-resistant window film, which can be applied to mirrors and glass surfaces throughout your building.

Our friendly Window Film specialists in New York, New York understand your needs and are ready to help.

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