Looking for a Window Tinting Film Expert in MESA, ARIZONA?

As window film experts in Mesa, Arizona, we know that sun control, occupant safety, and energy savings are just some of your concerns as a building owner. Since 1994, Sunray® Window Films has provided nationwide window film sales and installation services. We have extensive experience in all types of installations, including commercial, government, and high-rises.

Reduce Potential Bodily Harm with Safety & Security Window Film

Windows and glass doors enhance a building’s beauty; sadly, they’re also vulnerable. Extreme weather, bomb blasts, and catastrophic explosions can put the people in your building in harm’s way. Protect your property and your occupants by installing safety & security window film in your Mesa, Arizona building.

Reduce Your Energy Bills and Beat the Heat

Since Mesa, AZ gets plenty of sunshine, you may be relying on blinds or drapes to block excess heat. Darkened rooms feel closed off without natural light. Prevent your retail building or commercial facility from heat intrusion by installing heat regulating window film in high-sun areas. It allows light to shine through while keeping unwanted heat out.

Improve Your Building’s Appearance Instantly

Aging windows can make your building look dated. Instantly improve their appearance with decorative window film. Sunray® carries hundreds of patterns and designs that can be customized as needed. Get the look of etched glass while making public areas more private.

Banish Fog in Your Mesa, Arizona Store or Hotel

What do freezer doors, hotel mirrors, and glass shower doors have in common? They all fog up, and that condensation can hurt your bottom line. Reduce wear and tear on your sweat heaters and stop your guests from using linens to wipe down foggy surfaces by installing anti-fog film.

Give Unsightly Surfaces an Architectural Makeover

Are unattractive doors and walls making it difficult to rent out your retail space? Have renovation costs got you thinking of selling instead of leasing. Ask our experts about installing DI NOC Architectural laminate throughout your Mesa facility to give surfaces an attractive wood, metal, or stone appearance.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Even America’s safest cities struggle with vandalism. Stop criminals from damaging your glass doors, display cases, mirrors, and other surfaces by installing anti-graffiti window film. It resists scratching, gouging, and etching, so your property will be protected day and night.

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