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Since 1994, Sunray® Window Films has proudly served the Louisville, Kentucky commercial community. Our governmental, industrial, and commercial customers know they can count on us for expert guidance and professional service. The knowledgeable Sunray® team has decades of industry-specific expertise, so you can feel confident when choosing us for your window film needs.

Install Safety & Security Window Film to Protect the People Inside Your Property

On-site security offers peace of mind, but there’s no way to know when a window or glass door might shatter. Smash-and-grab crimes leave broken glass in their wake, and if a window breaks during a storm or explosion, people can get hurt. While there’s no foolproof way to prevent breakage from occurring, having safety & security window film installed on your glass and mirrored surfaces can prevent your customers or occupants from being harmed while in your Louisville, KY building.

Beat the Louisville Heat All Year Long

A Louisville summer day can be a thing of beauty, but not if you’re sitting next to a large window and growing more and more overheated by the second. UV rays, just like heat, can penetrate glass and damage interior furnishings. Stop both by installing heat regulating window film. You’ll save on electricity, reduce the demand for interior lighting, and will even minimize glare.

Improve Visibility In Your Freezer Case or Hotel Bathroom

If your grocery store sweat heaters are working overtime, condensation is probably to blame. Each time a freezer door is opened, fog begins to form. Hotel owners face a similar problem in their guest rooms. Foggy bathroom mirrors and shower doors need to be wiped down so customers can see, and that means more dirty laundry. Both environments benefit from having anti-fog film installed. It improves visibility and reduces fog-related expenses simultaneously.

Learn How Decorative Window Film Can Restore Your Privacy

If you think that decorative window film is just for aesthetics purposes, think again. While pretty to look at, it also transforms clear glass into an opaque surface. Our commercial customers use it to disguise a less than perfect view and to give aging windows an etched glass appearance. Our design experts can even customize select films to fit your company’s needs.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film Stops Vandalism

Even the most secure commercial building can be vandalized. It can happen during broad daylight even when your security team is on duty. Before vandals ruin your dressing room mirrors, display cases, or glass doors and windows, have the Sunray® professionals install etch-, scratch-, and gouge-resistant anti-graffiti window film.

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