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The Los Angeles commercial community is large and diverse, and Sunray® Window Films has served its window film needs since 1994. Our experts provide personalized service and industry-specific knowledge to building owners that are looking for cost-effective ways to improve the value and quality of their commercial buildings.

Create More Comfortable Surroundings While Lowering Your Energy Bills

Southern California summers are notoriously hot. Your building’s windows may be an asset in winter, but sunny SoCal days can cause indoor temperatures to spike. Blinds may minimize heat somewhat, but they also block the view and the natural light. Ask our experts about installing heat regulating window film in your Los Angeles, CA commercial or government facility. It will lower the strain on your HVAC system while stabilizing interior temperatures.

Beautify Your Los Angeles Building With Decorative Window Film

Appearances matter in Southern California, and that concept applies to buildings as well. Aging windows can lower a building’s property value, but replacing them may be out of the question. For an instant designer upgrade, have the Sunray® team install decorative window film on your public-facing windows and doors. You’ll get the look of etched glass without the investment, and you can even customize select films to meet your clients’ decorative preference.

Anti-Fog Film Is a Money-Saver for Hotel and Grocery Chain Owners

When was the last time you looked at your laundry expenses? If you own a hotel, you know that guests often use fresh towels to wipe off foggy bathroom surfaces. For every towel that’s discarded after a single use, your expenses go up. The same principle applies to grocery and supermarket owners. Freezer doors fog up almost instantly after a customer opens one to reach inside. Reduce the wear and tear on your sweat heater and lower your laundry costs by installing anti-fog film.

Give Your Occupants Peace of Mind By Installing Safety & Security Window Film

Accidents happen, and windows can break without warning. In heavily populated areas, like Los Angeles, commercial buildings with large windows are the norm. Sadly, armed attacks and unexpected explosions are both on the rise. Installing safety & security window film protects people in the event of sudden breakage. The film keeps the broken pieces intact, so the people in the vicinity can move about safely.

Stop Vandalism Indoors and Out with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Vandals don’t just use spray paint. Many vandals look for glass and mirrored surfaces, so they can etch, gouge, or scratch their initials or nicknames into them. Once defaced, these surfaces must be replaced. If replacing windows and glass display cases is an expense you’d rather not incur, contact our team and ask about anti-graffiti window film. It offers round-the-clock protection even after your security team goes off duty.

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