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As a Long Beach, California property owner, you may have selected your commercial building because of its view. Windows let natural light in and make spaces more pleasant to be in. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to stabilize interior temperatures and control energy usage with the sun beating down on the glass.

Sunray® Window Films has provided quality window film products and installation services since 1994. Our knowledgeable experts understand every aspect of the window film industry and can help you make an informed choice regarding the right film for your high-rise or commercial building.

Banish the Long Beach Heat While Reducing Your Energy Bills

When summer weather is in full swing, the windows in your commercial building can let the heat in, too. That corner office might become the least productive space inside, and your tenants may be struggling with excess glare. Keep your building comfortable by installing heat regulating window film. It rejects the sun’s rays, reduces glare, and protects furnishings and carpets from fading prematurely.

Installing Safety & Security Window Film Can Give You Peace of Mind

While severe weather may not be a concern in Long Beach, the possibility of an explosion or bomb blast is always troubling. Large commercial buildings usually have hundreds of windows, any one of which can break and cause potential injuries. Safety & Security Window Film mitigates the risk of broken glass harming an occupant by keeping the shards in one location. Ask our safety experts for recommendations today.

Lower the Laundry Expenses in Your Hotel by Installing Anti-Fog Film

As dangerous as fog can be near the seaside in Long Beach, indoor fog may be keeping you awake with worry at night. Hotel room mirrors and glass shower enclosures fog up every time someone takes a shower. Guests need to clear the fog in a hurry, so they can get on with their day, and that usually means using a towel just once to wipe things down. Every towel that is discarded after a single use adds to your hotel’s laundry expenses. Reduce fogging by installing anti-fog film. It prevents condensation buildup without hindering the appearance of your mirrors and glass doors.

Upgrade Your Building’s Appearance or Create Instant Privacy

When it’s time to revamp your commercial property, consider installing decorative window film on select windows and glass doors. It has the look of etched glass, comes in hundreds of patterns, and can obscure the surface so the people inside have more privacy. Our design team can also customize select products if you want to incorporate a logo or design to enhance your décor.

Stay Ahead of Vandals By Installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Every city has its share of vandalism, and Long Beach is no exception. Destructive etching, scratching, and gouging permanently ruins a surface, forcing you to replace it immediately. Anti-graffiti window film resists these types of destruction and works invisibly whether your security team is on site or not.

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