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Governmental, commercial, and educational facilities have highly specific window film needs, which is why building owners in Little Rock, AR work with the experts at Sunray® Window Films. If you need to revamp your building’s appearance, minimize heat intrusion, or prevent potential injuries or vandalism, our knowledgeable experts can help. We’ve built our reputation for excellence by meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs since 1994. Give us a call today.

Heat Regulating Window Film Saves Money and Furnishings

When the weather heats up in Little Rock, your building can become unpleasantly warm. Heat regulating window film prevents UV rays from penetrating your windows and glass doors, so the indoor temperatures won’t fluctuate so much. In the process, it stops furnishings and carpets from fading due to ultraviolet light and decreases the wear and tear on your HVAC equipment

Anti-Graffiti Window Film Stops Destruction Before It Occurs

Every community has its share of vandalism, even in Little Rock, AR. Aside from damaging your property, vandals, and their etching, scratching, and gouging, also make customers reconsider their shopping habits. Don’t let criminal behavior disrupt your business or damage your building. Protect glass and mirrored surfaces with anti-graffiti window film. It can protect display cases and changing room mirrors as well as glass windows and doors.

Use Decorative Window Film to Gain Privacy While Beautifying Your Property

Despite their beauty, interior glass conference room walls make it difficult to hold private functions. Drapes and blinds look out of place in a professional environment, but decorative window film offers privacy and beauty simultaneously. Choose from hundreds of patterns and designs, or customize one to meet your facility’s style.

Save Money While Improving Visibility and Minimizing Fog

A customer can’t purchase what he or she can’t see, and every time a freezer door is opened, the sweat heater has to defog it. The door’s constant opening and closing can result in expensive energy bills and excess wear and tear on your equipment. Prevent fog from building up in the first place by installing anti-fog commercial freezer film wherever it’s needed. It works on bathroom mirrors and glass shower doors, too.

Stop Shattered Glass From Hurting Your Occupants by Installing Safety & Security Window Film

Smash-and-grab crime occurs whether your business is open or closed. If your store is occupied when this happens, the broken glass presents an immediate threat to people in the area. Storms, explosions, and bomb blasts can also cause a window to break, but installing safety & security window film will lessen the likelihood of injuries in your Little Rock, AR building. This specialized film is GSA-approved and prevents broken glass from scattering.

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