Are You Looking for the Sunray® Window Film Experts in JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY?

If you are a building owner in Jersey City, New Jersey, you’re probably looking for ways to reduce energy usage while still maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. Preventing vandalism and injuries when a window breaks are most likely on your priority list as well. The experts at Sunray® Window Films are experienced in all facets of commercial window film installation and selection, and they’ve been satisfying customers since 1994. If you have questions, they have answers.

Prevent Excess Heat and Use Less Air Conditioning

We’re all looking for ways to minimize expenses, and running the air conditioner 24/7 is certainly an expense you’d rather reduce. Drapes and blinds prevent heat intrusion, but they block daylight and hinder your customers’ view. Installing heat regulating window film in your Jersey City, NJ building will lower your energy costs by preventing the sun’s heat from filling your building. As a bonus, this same product prevents carpet and furnishings from fading prematurely.

Improve the Look of Your Windows Instantly

If your storefront could use a makeover, consider installing decorative window film on its windows and glass doors. The Sunray® team can customize patterns to showcase your company logo, and the simulated etched glass appearance gives windows a designer touch. Choose from a variety of selections and ask our design team for advice regarding using decorative films to privatize areas as well.

Protect Your Visitors, Customers, and Tenants From Injuries When a Window Breaks

Jersey City weather can vary dramatically from one season to another, and extreme weather can cause a window to break without warning. To prevent broken glass from injuring people, install Safety & Security Window Film in high-traffic areas. It retains broken glass, so the shards won’t injure the people you care about. Ask our safety experts about using this protective film as a way to minimize injuries during explosions and bomb blasts as well.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

When a window, glass door, or display case is vandalized, it needs to be replaced immediately. Etching, scratching, and gouging can deter people from shopping in your store for fear of their own safety. Don’t let vandals get the upper hand. Have our professionals install Anti-Graffiti Window Film on all your vulnerable surfaces before damage occurs.

Anti-Fog Film Can Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line

Have you ever thought about the impact a fogged-up freezer door can have on your business? Every time a freezer door is opened, your sweat heater kicks on and clears the condensation. Multiply that action times the number of people who frequent your grocery store, and you’ll quickly see that minimizing fog makes good business sense. Anti-fog film keeps freezer doors fog-free, and it also works on bathroom mirrors and glass shower doors.

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