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When Dallas, Texas business owners want to reduce energy consumption, maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, and keep their customers and occupants safe, they turn to our industry experts. Sunray® Window Films has provided quality window film products and professional installation services since 1994. Give our helpful team a call today to learn about the best ways to improve your commercial, government, or high-rise building.

Prevent Vandalism by Installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film

In a perfect world, vandalism wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately, even the safest cities have to battle this problem. Don’t just accept vandalism as a part of life. Do something to prevent it. Anti-graffiti window film prevents destructive gouging, scratching, and etching. It adheres invisibly to glass and mirrored surfaces, so you can protect everything from changing room mirrors to glass display cases.

Block the Dallas Heat While Reducing Your Energy Bills

sunray-slider-3Sunny days are great for business, but excess heat can make your store uncomfortable. Heat regulating window film rejects unwanted heat as well as damaging UV rays that can prematurely fade carpet and furnishings. These state-of-the-art products make it possible to enjoy the beauty of a sunny day without needing to use light-blocking blinds for comfort.

Improve Your Building’s Appearance Instantly

Aging windows can make your building look dated. To instantly improve their appearance, choose decorative window film. Sunray® carries hundreds of patterns and designs and can even customize select products to feature your unique artwork or company logo. These multitasking products offer the look of etched glass at a fraction of the price and can be used on glass walls to create a private enclosed space.

Prevent Fog from Reducing Visibility Throughout Your Building

At the Supermarket: Stylish African American Guy with Headphones Chooses Products in the Frozen Goods From the Fridge and Puts them into Shopping Basket.If your grocery store or supermarket chain has freezer cases, then you know that their doors can fog up when opened. Customers can’t purchase what they can’t see, so keep your doors fog-free by installing anti-fog film. Hotel mirrors and glass shower doors can also be treated, so guests won’t use extra towels wiping them down.

Safety & Security Window Film Can Reduce the Risk of Bodily Harm

Glass windows and doors enhance a building’s beauty, but they’re also prone to breakage. Catastrophic explosions, bomb blasts, and severe weather can put the people in your building in harm’s way. Prevent broken glass from injuring the people who frequent your Dallas, TX facility by installing safety & security window film.

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