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Owning a building in Colorado Springs, Colorado means finding creative ways to reduce energy usage while maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures year round. It can also be challenging to prevent vandalism or injuries if a window suddenly breaks. Strengthen, protect, and improve your glass doors and windows by having the experts at Sunray® Window Films install the right product in your commercial facility. We’ve been satisfying customers and providing top notch installation services since 1994.

Reduce the Risk of Bodily Harm By Installing Safety & Security Window Film

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Windows and glass doors may be beautiful, but they can shatter without warning. High winds, sudden explosions, and extreme weather can cause breakage. Protect your students, customers, and visitors by installing safety & security window film in your Colorado Springs, CO building today. It retains the fractured pieces, so they can’t scatter and hurt someone.

Block the Colorado Springs Heat While Reducing Your Energy Bills

Excess heat and damaging UV rays make working in any building unpleasant. Seasonal temperatures will always fluctuate, but you can stabilize interior temperatures year round by installing heat regulating window film. These innovative products help your air conditioner work better and run less often. They also prevent UV damage and premature fading to carpets and furnishings.

Reduce Condensation Buildup and Laundry Costs By Installing Anti-Fog Film in Your Building

Supermarket freezer door cases need to remain fog-free in order for customers to see your products. Prevent doors from fogging up each time they’re opened by having the experts at Sunray® Window Films install anti-fog film in your store. Less fog also means less wear and tear on your equipment. Anti-fog film also makes a great addition to clear glass shower doors and bathroom mirrors. For hotel owners, that means one less towel to wash since guests won’t need to wipe down those surfaces during their visit.

Make Your Commercial Building More Attractive Instantly

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An attractive storefront or business building draws in customers. Decorative window film instantly transforms unattractive, aging windows, and the design team at Sunray® can help you transform your building’s appearance in no time. We carry hundreds of designs and patterns, so you’ll find just what you need. Customized film is also available, so ask one of our helpful representatives about this option.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Don’t let unsightly scratching, etching, or gouging ruin the appearance of your property. Anti-Graffiti Window Film protects vulnerable surfaces like mirrors and glass invisibly. Whether you have changing room mirrors, glass display cabinets, or standard windows, protecting them will save you money in the long run.

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