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Government, commercial, and educational facilities have different window film needs. The expert team at Sunray® Window Films understands the importance of selecting the appropriate product and has been satisfying customers since 1994. Our Chicago, Illinois clients rely on us for professional guidance and precision installation. Let us help you with your commercial project today.

Block Unwanted Heat and Improve Energy Efficiency by Installing Heat Regulating Window Film

Your facility’s energy needs change with the seasons. Sunny days cause buildings to overheat and send air conditioning bills soaring. Prevent unwanted heat intrusion by installing heat regulating window film. It rejects the sun’s heat as well as its damaging UV rays, so your building will remain comfortable and your furnishings won’t fade prematurely.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Vandalism is a sad part of life, and it happens even in Chicago’s finest areas. Your building is both a source of income and pride, so protect it by installing anti-graffiti window film. The experts at Sunray® have helped business owners, retail operators, and local schools prevent etching, gouging, and scratching on their glass and mirrored surfaces. This product adheres invisibly and works around the clock, even when your security staff goes home for the day.

Prevent Fog, Save Money, and Improve Visibility

At the Supermarket: Stylish African American Guy with Headphones Chooses Products in the Frozen Goods From the Fridge and Puts them into Shopping Basket.Each time a customer or employee opens a supermarket freezer door your sweat heater must clear the condensation on the door. Reduce current energy usage and long-term maintenance costs by installing anti-fog commercial freezer film. This multipurpose film also reduces fog on glass shower doors and mirrors, which may reduce your laundry costs since extra towels won’t be used and discarded so frequently.

Decorative Window Films Have More Than One Purpose

Are you looking for a creative way to improve your building’s appearance? Decorative window film transforms aging windows instantly. Use it to make a translucent surface opaque or to enhance any interior or exterior glass surface. Our Chicago design experts can also customize your decorative film if you want to showcase your brand, logo, or artwork.

Safety & Security Window Film Minimizes the Risk of Injury

Broken GlassA broken window presents an immediate threat to anyone nearby. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know when something will cause a window to shatter. Smash-and-grab crimes are impossible to predict, and severe weather or a bomb blast could occur at any time. Reduce the possibility of injury due to flying glass by installing safety & security window film in your Chicago, IL building. This tear-resistant film is GSA-approved and will hold shards in place, so you can protect the people in your building even when you’re not there.

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