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Since 1994, Sunray® Window Films has been providing excellent service while meeting the window film needs of Chesapeake, Virginia’s commercial market. Our government, education, industrial, and commercial customers rely on us for expert guidance when selecting window film. Our team has industry-specific expertise, so you’ll get the right product for your project the first time. Whether you need to stabilize interior temperatures, protect vulnerable surfaces from vandalism, or need to reduce condensation or the possibility of injury when a window breaks, Sunray® has the answer. We even carry products that will enhance your building’s décor.

Keep Cool in Chesapeake with Heat Regulating Window Film

Towering SIngle Office Block with Blue Sky and White Fluffy CloudsBright, sunny days are beautiful, but having a cool indoor retreat is also a necessity. Don’t let summer heat turn your building into a sauna. Talk with the experts at Sunray® about installing heat regulating window film. It rejects the sun’s rays, so your office, retail outlet, or government building will remain cool and comfortable year round.

Stop Vandals from Defacing Your Property by Installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Vandalism happens, even in Chesapeake. Unsightly graffiti is expensive to remove and difficult to prevent, but anti-graffiti window film stops vandals before they leave their mark behind. Prevent etching, scratching, and gouging on your display cases, restroom mirrors, and glass windows and doors. Invisible anti-graffiti film prevents damage, even when your security team is off duty.

Prevent Fog from Reducing Visibility in your Hotel or Supermarket

Are foggy bathroom mirrors in your hotel’s guest rooms the cause of excess laundry expenses? Are the sweat heaters in your grocery store’s freezer door cases working overtime? When condensation builds up, guests and customers are impacted, and so is your bottom line. Reduce fog and excess wear and tear on your compressor by installing anti-fog window film. You’ll improve visibility and reduce your energy costs at the same time.

Protect Your Property and the People Inside with Safety & Security Window Film

Windows increase a building’s worth and make it more attractive to lessees and customers. Unfortunately, glass breaks, and there’s no way to stop a random smash-and-grab crime. Mother Nature doesn’t always play be the rules either, so install safety & security window film in your Chesapeake, VA building. It prevents glass shards from scattering, which reduces the possibility of breakage-related injuries.

Decorative Window Film Is More Than Just Pretty

If you think that decorative window film has only one purpose, think again. These products are used to privatize public areas as well as improve the appearance of aging windows. Sunray® carries hundreds of patterns and designs that can also be customized to meet your needs. Get the look of etched glass without paying a fortune. Our friendly Chesapeake, VA team will help you select the right film for your needs.

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