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It can be difficult to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while reducing energy consumption in your commercial or retail building. Windows and glass doors provide light, but they also need to keep the heat out. Carson City business owners and developers rely on Sunray® Window Films for expert guidance when selecting window film for their buildings. Since 1994, we’ve been providing professional installation services and quality window film products. Give our team a call to discuss how to improve your commercial, government, or high-rise building.

Block the Carson City Heat While Reducing Your Energy Bills

Woman near the windowWhen the indoor temperature rivals the outdoors, your air conditioner works overtime. Drapes and blinds reduce heat intrusion, but they can look unprofessional in a business environment. Ask the energy experts at Sunray about installing heat regulating window film in your government, school, or commercial building. These products virtually eliminate the need for window treatments and let the natural light shine in.

Safety & Security Window Film Can Reduce the Risk of Bodily Harm

Windows and glass doors may enhance your building’s appearance, but they’re susceptible to severe weather and explosions. While you can’t predict the unpredictable, you can reduce the potential risk of injuries by installing safety & security window film in your Carson City, Nevada building. These products hold broken glass in one place, so that your customers, guests, or lessees won’t be injured if a window breaks.

Create Privacy and Instantly Transform Your Building

Decorative window film does more than just beautify. In addition to providing the appearance of etched glass, decorative window film can make a clear glass surface opaque, giving you additional privacy wherever you need it. Sunray® carries an extensive selection of patterns and designs, and we can customize your product to include a design or logo, too.

Prevent Fog from Reducing Visibility Throughout Your Building

Keeping your refrigerated cases fog-free isn’t always easy. Each time a customer opens the door, condensation begins to build up, putting strain on the sweat heater. Anti-fog film improves visibility, so your products will be easy to see. These same films are also effective when used in hotel bathrooms on mirrors and shower doors.

Ant-Graffiti Window Film Stops Vandalism Before It Happens

Even the safest areas in Carson City have their share of vandalism. There’s something about a pane of glass or a mirror that attracts vandals. Stop vandalism before it undermines your bottom line by installing anti-graffiti window film on your glass display cases, windows, and doors. These innovative products resist gouging, etching, and scratching, so your building will be protected around the clock.

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