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If you’re considering installing window film in your retail facility or commercial building, give the specialists at Sunray® Window Films a call. We’ve been meeting our commercial clients’ needs consistently since 1994 and have a proven track record for excellence. Our industry experts provide one-on-one customer service and are knowledgeable about all facets of commercial window film installation. No matter what size your Canton, Ohio project is, Sunray® will make sure the job is done right.

Enjoy the Canton Sunshine in Comfort

living-room-with-big-window-interior-resizedDon’t resort to unprofessional looking drapes or light-blocking blinds to keep your building cool. Heat Regulating Window Film stabilizes temperatures and reduces energy usage while making your building a great place to work, shop, or visit.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Discovering that your property has been vandalized is more than an inconvenience. It costs you money and may cause potential customers to pass you by in fear of their safety. Graffiti removal is expensive, so protect your glass and mirrored surfaces with Anti-Graffiti Window Film. It’s etch-, gouge-, and scratch-resistant.

Minimize Condensation for Better Visibility

Grocery stores and retail outlets rely on sweat heaters and compressors to keep their refrigerated cases fog-free. After all, a customer can’t purchase what he or she can’t see. Limit the wear and tear on your equipment by having the experts at Sunray® install Anti-Fog Film throughout your facility. It will lower your equipment maintenance costs while keeping your refrigerated cases crystal clear.

Make Your Building More Attractive Instantly

Replacing aging windows can be an expensive process, especially if you own a large building with dozens of windows. If you love the look of etched glass, but hate the high price tag, consider installing Decorative Window Film instead. It instantly upgrades the appearance of windows and glass doors and can be customized to showcase your company’s logo or artwork. It’s even used to make public areas more private by transforming clear glass into an opaque surface. Our Canton, OH design experts will help you pick the right film for your needs.

Limit Potential Injuries by Installing Safety & Security Window Film

When windows shatter, glass goes everywhere. And those broken shards present serious hazards to bystanders. Keep your students, customers, and occupants safe during severe weather or a bomb blast by installing Safety & Security Window Film. Our expert Canton team can apply this film to most glass and mirrored surfaces, so you can prevent injuries year-round.

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