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Austin, Texas property owners know that reducing their energy usage while keeping indoor temperatures comfortable is important. Protecting their property and the safety of their occupants is also crucial. Windows and glass doors are intended to let natural light shine indoors. Since 1994, Sunray® Window Films has provided quality window film products and installation services nationwide. Give our knowledgeable professionals a call today to learn about the latest innovative products for your commercial, government, or high-rise building.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Even America’s safest cities have their share of vandalism. When your property is vandalized, it must be repaired promptly to prevent harm to your business. Instead of replacing damaged mirrors, windows, or display cases after the fact, install anti-graffiti window film in advance. It makes surfaces scratch-, gouge-, and etch-resistant year-round, so you can conduct business instead of focusing on repairs.

Banish the Austin Heat While Reducing Your Energy Bills

Heat intrusion can make spending time indoors unbearable, and a hot environment is never optimal. Keep your commercial facility comfortable while allowing the natural light to shine through. Our friendly team will help you choose the perfect heat regulating window film to keep the sun at bay while making it possible for your occupants to work or shop in comfort.

Achieve Greater Peace of Mind with Safety & Security Window Film

Broken GlassCommercial buildings often have numerous windows. While they may be an asset when selling, they can be problematic during ownership. If a window breaks during business hours, the people nearby can be harmed. Install safety & security window films in your Austin, Texas facility. While it won’t prevent glass from shattering, it will keep the broken pieces in one place if a storm, explosion, or bomb blast occurs.

Improve Your Building’s Appearance Instantly

When designing your building’s interior or exterior, decorative window film might not immediately come to mind, but it can make a substantial difference. Window film improves the appearance of aging windows, offers instant privacy without blocking the natural light, and enhances any décor. Sunray® can even customize select products to include your unique artwork or company logo.

Prevent Fog from Reducing Visibility Throughout Your Grocery Store

If you’re looking to reduce maintenance costs and energy expenses associated with your facility, think about how often the compressor in your freezer cases goes off and on. Each time a customer opens a door on one of these cases, the glass fogs up and the compressor kicks on to reduce condensation. Reduce your costs and increase product visibility by installing anti-fog film wherever it’s needed.

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