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Owning a building in Anchorage, Alaska requires finding creative ways to reduce energy usage while maintaining comfortable temperatures. You also need to find ways to minimize injuries or damage during weather events. Glass doors and windows make commercial buildings more pleasant, and the experts at Sunray® Window Films have been providing high quality window film products and installation services since 1994.

Block the Anchorage Heat While Reducing Your Energy Bills

Ensure that the people who work in your commercial building have the most pleasant experience possible by eliminating excess heat without blocking the sun’s natural light. Outdoor temperatures can cause interior temperatures to climb. Sunray® has helped many Anchorage, AK customers stabilize temperatures while reducing energy costs by installing heat regulating window film. These advanced products make drapes, blinds, and shutters a thing of the past.

Reduce the Risk of Bodily Harm By Installing Safety & Security Window Film

Despite their beauty, windows and glass doors are vulnerable. High winds, severe weather, and catastrophic explosions occur without warning, and if a window breaks, people can get hurt. Protect your tenants, customers, and visitors by installing safety & security window film in your Anchorage, AK building today.

Make Your Commercial Building More Attractive Instantly

Installers PhotoAn attractive facility draws in customers and buyers, so don’t let outdated windows undermine your investment. Decorative window film instantly transforms aging windows, and the design team at Sunray® can help you create a customized appearance in no time. Sunray® carries hundreds of design patterns, so you’ll find just what you need. We can even incorporate made-to-order logos and designs into select films for a truly unique touch.

Reduce Hidden Costs and Increase Sales By Installing Anti-Fog Film

You probably don’t think about the impact a fogged-up freezer door can have on your bottom line, but you should. Customers can’t select products if your windows are fogged up, but Sunray® Window Films has the solution. Installing anti-fog film will ensure that your display cases are clear and clean, so customers can make decisions instantly. This also equates to energy savings because people won’t need to open the door to see what’s inside. These anti-fog products are great for hotels as well and can be applied to surfaces prone to fog, like bathroom mirrors and clear glass shower doors.

Prevent Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Vandalism reduces property values and can deter people from entering your store or business, which is why it makes sense to install Anti-Graffiti Window Film on your vulnerable surfaces. The experts at Sunray® know that preventing gouging, scratching, and etching is less expensive than repairing damage. Contact them to find out how to protect your property now while saving money in the long run.

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