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Certified 3M™ Window Film Professionals In WAITE HILL, OH

Every reputable business strives to provide the best product and the best experience to its customers. Since day one, Sunray® Window Films has been meeting and exceeding the needs of its clients in Waite Hill, Ohio. Since we serve the entire Northeast Ohio area, our expert team understands the challenges different customers face. Your business, school, store, government building, or home is different from the one next door, and we’ll help you choose the right 3M™ product for your needs.

Enjoy The Sun Without The Heat

Whether at home or work, you want your surroundings to be comfortable. When Akron’s summer days heat up, the right window film can regulate the heat and ensure you remain cool without giving up the view outside.

Save Energy With Window Film

Seasonal weather wreaks havoc on interior temperatures. On sunny days, your home may be too hot, and on icy winter days, it may be difficult to keep things warm and cozy. Drapes, blinds, and shutters may stabilize temperatures somewhat, but they increase the need for artificial lighting. Stop battling the elements. The experts at Sunray® will help you determine if your building will benefit from installing energy saving window film or heat regulating window film. These money-saving products equalize building temperatures, reduce glare and UV-induced facing, and make your building more energy efficient. Find out which film is right for your needs today.

Be Prepared For Unexpected Breakage With Safety & Security Window Film

As beautiful as windows are, they can easily break if severe weather or catastrophic events occur. Smash-and-grab crime, explosions, and bomb blasts can also send dangerous shards into the path of your shoppers, students, employees, or loved ones. To minimize potential harm, install 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film on all vulnerable surfaces, including mirrors and display cases. You’ll gain peace of mind by knowing that the broken pieces will adhere to the film instead of spraying into occupied areas.

Get Creative With Decorative Window Film

When decorating a new home or office, there are a lot of choices to make. Paint, wallpaper, furnishings. But what choices are available for creating privacy, improving the appearance of aging windows, or adding a truly unique decorative element to the whole project? Many Waite Hill home and business owners rely on decorative window film. It looks beautiful, has the appearance of etched glass, provides privacy, and lends a unique quality to the finished project. Ask the design experts at Sunray® to explain the customization process, especially as a way to showcase your brand or company logo.

Prevent Vandalism By Installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Vandalism can happen anywhere at any time, which is why many Waite Hill, Ohio property owners install 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film. These etch-, scratch, and gouge-resistant films can be applied on windows, glass doors, and mirrors throughout your facility, making damage less likely even in areas that security personnel can’t patrol.

As leaders in the industry, our personable Waite Hill, OH window film specialists are trained to provide the best service and solutions for your needs.

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