Your 3M™ Window Film Experts In SEVEN HILLS, OHIO

Expert guidance makes a big difference when investing in your building. Sunray® Window Films has been providing that guidance to customers in the Northeast Ohio area since 1994. As an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer, we work hard to provide quality solutions for our Seven Hills, OH customers. Bring us your most challenging commercial, residential, or government project. We’re here to help.

Enjoy The Sun Without The Heat

Whether at home or work, you want your surroundings to be comfortable. When Akron’s summer days heat up, the right window film can regulate the heat and ensure you remain cool without giving up the view outside.

Window Film Solves Heat- And Cold-Related Concerns

When warm weather kicks in, you may rely on blinds and drapes to prevent heat intrusion. Blocking your Seven Hills view doesn’t have to be the solution. Heat regulating window film can keep indoor temperatures cool even on hot days by blocking the sun’s rays along with the glare.

Winter can present the opposite problem, especially if your windows are letting precious warmth escape. Energy saving window film reduces your energy usage while keeping rooms comfortable on cold days. Ask our team about earning LEED credit for upgrading your building’s energy efficiency.

Protect Customers, Students, And Family Members With Safety & Security Window Film

If you’re worried about people being harmed by broken glass in your facility, talk with the safety experts at Sunray® about installing 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film. This protective product keeps broken shards intact when windows are shattered during a storm, explosion, or bomb blast.

Redecorate Or Make Rooms More Private By Installing Decorative Window Film

When revamping your interior space, don’t forget that windows can be a source of beauty. Turn ordinary glass into a decorative statement by installing one of our beautiful decorative window film products. They look like etched glass but cost a lot less. These films are easy to maintain, and they can be used to make a surface opaque wherever privacy is needed. They can also be customized to feature your unique design, logo, or artwork. Ask our design team about suitable options for glass-walled conference rooms and reception areas as well.

Stop Vandals With Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Vandalism is a fact of life, even in Seven Hills, and it’s expensive to remove. When vandals deface mirrors or glass surfaces, your only option is to replace them. Instead of spending money on corrective measures, install scratch-, gouge-, and etch-resistant 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film on your vulnerable surfaces. It can protect dressing room or restroom mirrors, glass or mirrored display cases, and much more.

Give us a call today at (800) 295-8468. Our knowledgeable Seven Hills, OH window film specialists understand your needs and are ready to help.