3M™ Window Film Specialists In ROCKY RIVER, OHIO

Many homeowners, school administrators, commercial developers, and government contractors in Rocky River, OH rely on Sunray® Window Films. We’ve provided outstanding customer service to the communities of Northeast Ohio since 1994 and are an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer. If your building needs window film, our specialists will help you choose the best product, and our professional team will install it to your complete satisfaction.

Beat The Heat And Enjoy Your View

If the summer heat is making your Rocky River home or retail facility uncomfortably warm, give our friendly experts a call. Installing heat regulating window film will save you money on air conditioning and lower your energy dependence. It eliminates heat and glare, and it can protect your furnishings from being damaged by UV rays. With this powerhouse film, you’ll be able to enjoy being indoors and won’t have to resort to closing the drapes or blinds to stay cool.

Install Tinted Window Film And Start Saving Money

Winter can strain your heating system as well as your wallet. When temperatures drop in Richmond Heights, it may be difficult to keep your building warm. Talk with the knowledgeable experts at Sunray® about installing energy saving window film. It stabilizes interior temperatures and costs much less than double- or triple-paned glass. Ask us how you can earn LEED credit for making your building energy efficient as well.

Reduce The Risk Of Injury By Installing Safety & Security Window Film

Broken glass can hurt someone, and a shattered window is an immediate threat to anyone nearby. Breakage can happen without warning, and there’s no way to anticipate smash-and-grab crime, bomb blasts, explosions, or severe storms. 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film keeps broken glass intact, which will give you peace of mind and make your employees, customers, and family safer if something unexpected occurs.

Decorative Window Film Offers Brand Recognition And Privacy

A glass-walled conference room may be beautiful, but it’s not the most private space to hold a meeting. Drapes and blinds can be closed, if needed, but that also blocks the flow of natural light. Eliminate the need for window treatments by installing decorative window film. It adheres to most glass surfaces, looks like etched glass, and still lets the light in. These films come in a variety of options, and they instantly transform any space into one that’s more private. Use them on aging windows to approve their appearance or have them installed on public-facing windows where clear glass isn’t optimal.

Stop Destructive Vandals Before They Damage Your Property By Installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film

When a restroom mirror or exterior window is vandalized, your customers may choose to shop elsewhere. Losing their business is just part of the expense you’ll bear if vandals leave their mark on your property. The experts at Sunray® have helped many Rocky River businesses prevent destructive gouging, scratching, and etching by installing 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film throughout their facilities. Protect everything from windows to mirrors with this innovative product. Call us to learn more today.

Our reliable Rocky River, OH window film specialists are ready to help you choose the best product for your needs.

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