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If you need window film for your North Ridgeville home, school, retail store, or office building, contact the industry specialists at Sunray® Window Films. As an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer, we’ve been satisfying customers in Northeast Ohio since 1994. Give our friendly experts a call today to discuss your window film needs.

Enjoy All The North Ridgeville Seasons And Lower Your Energy Bills

It’s difficult to work or sleep when your surroundings are uncomfortable. Maintaining indoor temperatures year-round can be a challenge. Heat regulating window film rejects heat and glare on hot sunny days, so you can enjoy your view without sweating. In winter, energy saving window film prevents heat loss and relieves the burden on your furnace. Both options allow you to remain comfortable while indoors and reduce your energy burden. And by creating an energy efficient environment, you may also be eligible for LEED credit.

Tinted Window Film Saves More Than Money

It can be difficult to control the indoor temperature in your residence or office during both the summer and winter. You want to keep your energy costs down while still maintaining a workable environment. Energy saving window film is a smart investment, especially compared to the outrageous cost of double- or triple-paned glass. Our customer satisfaction experts can even help you earn LEED credit for making your facility more energy efficient.

Safety & Security Window Film Provides Peace Of Mind And More

Shattered glass presents a danger to anyone nearby. Since there’s no way to predict when a window or glass door might break, get peace of mind and added protection by installing  3M™ Safety & Security Window Film. Extreme weather, bomb blasts, and explosions may cause a window to break, but the film will hold the broken pieces in place, preventing your employees, family members, and customers from harm.

Solve Multiple Problems By Installing Decorative Window Film

Windows aren’t always optimal, especially if they let outsiders see into your home. Before you resort to blinds or drapes, which block the natural light, talk with the design team at Sunray® about installing decorative window film. It can instantly transform any clear surface, giving you much-needed privacy without sacrificing natural light. These films can also be modified to include a design or company logo, so you can make a memorable impression in your facility.

Stop Vandalism With Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Despite law enforcement’s best efforts, vandalism still happens, even in North Ridgeville, Ohio. Prevent your property from being defaced by installing 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film throughout your building. It resists scratching, gouging, and etching and can be applied on display cases, restroom mirrors, and all kinds of glass surfaces.

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