3M™ Window Film Experts In NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, OH

Sunray® Window Films has proudly served Northeast Ohio and Charleston as an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer since 1994. Our industry experts understand the unique nature of government, educational, industrial, commercial, and residential projects. They take great pride in assisting customers and will work with you to ensure your complete and total satisfaction. If your building needs window film, give them a call today.

Enjoy The Newburgh Heights Sunlight Without The Heat

Long, sunny days are a treat, but not when the sun causes your office or home to overheat. Closing the drapes can make you feel closed in. Installing heat regulating window film can make a big difference. It blocks destructive UV rays, so your furnishings won’t fade, and it keeps indoor temperatures cooler, so you can enjoy the sun and your view.

Tinted Window Film Helps Lower Your Heating Bills

If your heater is working overtime while trying to keep the Newburgh Heights chill at bay, come meet with our energy experts. Energy saving window film can help reduce your utility bills and earn you LEED credit for being more energy efficient. It costs much less than replacing drafty windows with double- or triple-paned glass, too.

Safety & Security Window Film Protects People And Property

What we love most about windows can also be their weakness. Glass brings the outdoors inside, but windows can break. Bad weather, sudden explosions, and bomb blasts can put the people you care about in harm’s way. Give them an added form of protection by installing 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film throughout your facility. It keeps broken glass intact, so even if a window breaks, the risk of injury due to flying glass will be minimized.

Revive An Outdated Interior Space With Decorative Window Film

Renovations are expensive, but you can update the look of your windows by installing decorative window film in your home or office building. Once installed, it looks like etched glass but costs much less. Sunray® carries a large selection of designs and patterns, and we will customize a specific film to your specifications, so you can display your design or even a business logo. Since decorative window film also makes clear glass opaque, it makes a great addition to public spaces where more privacy is desired.

Install Anti-Graffiti Window Film And Prevent Vandalism

Fighting vandalism in Newburgh Heights, Ohio means protecting your property as much as possible. Vandals etch, scratch, and gouge vulnerable mirrors and glass surfaces. Defaced property can deter customers from shopping in your store and make parents nervous about dropping off their children at your school. 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film resists these types of destruction. Talk with our expert team about protecting changing room mirrors, glass display cases, and doors and windows.

Our personable Newburgh Heights, OH Window Film specialists understand your needs and are ready to help.

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