3M™ Window Film Experts In MENTOR, OH

Your company works hard to maintain high customer satisfaction ratings, and installing the right window film is one way to demonstrate your commitment to quality service. From blocking out excess heat to protecting vulnerable showroom cases, Sunray® Window Films will provide you with quality information, so you can make an informed selection. We’ve been exceeding client expectations in Northeast Ohio since 1994, and we’re proud to be an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer. Talk with our industry experts today. They’re knowledgeable in all types of installations, especially homes, commercial buildings, government facilities, and schools.

Stop Sacrificing Your View During Intense Heat

If your home has large windows, you probably love the view. The same applies to having a corner office with a bird’s eye view of Mentor. During the summer, though, heat intrusion can force you to close your blinds to stay cool. Instead of sacrificing your view, talk with our expert team about installing heat regulating window film. It dramatically reduces heat penetration as well as glare, so you can enjoy the view without sweating.

Save Energy And Earn LEED Credit By Installing Tinted Window Film

Winter days may send you running to the thermostat to keep the chill at bay. Staying warm is a necessity, but drafty windows let precious warmth escape. Before you invest in double- or triple-paned windows, learn about the advantages of installing energy saving window film. It’s cost effective, reduces energy usage, and can earn you LEED credit as well.

Reduce The Risk Of Injury By Installing Safety & Security Window Film

Glass windows and doors are beautiful, but they can break without warning, leaving shattered glass in their wake Protect your coworkers, students, and customers from potential harm by installing 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film. It keeps glass fragments intact during severe weather, unexpected explosions, and even during a bomb blast.

Get Creative With Decorative Window Film

Decorating your home, office, or store includes everything from paint to wallpaper to furnishings. If you’re looking to add a designer’s touch to your reception area or conference room, consider installing decorative window film. It comes in a wide selection of patterns and gives the appearance of etched glass without the expensive price tag. The design experts at Sunray® have years of experience and can customize a product to incorporate an image, brand, or logo of your choice. Decorative window film also looks beautiful while providing additional privacy to public areas.

Reduce Potential Damage By Installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film

When vandals deface your property, it costs you more than money. Left unremoved, graffiti can drive away customers as well. Stop vandals before they can damage your changing room and restroom mirrors and glass doors and display cases by installing 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film. It is scratch-, etch-, and gouge-resistant while being invisible to the untrained eye.

As leaders in the industry, our personable Mentor, OH Window Film specialists are trained to provide the best service and solutions for your needs.

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