3M™ Window Film Experts In MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH

As an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer, Sunray® Window Films has provided the finest customer experience in Northeast Ohio since 1994. We’ve built a solid reputation by giving our undivided attention to our customers and their projects. Expert guidance and timely job completion are our team’s priority. No matter what size building you have, we’ll give you our best service every time. If you need window film for your Mayfield Heights, OH homeoffice, or government, commercial, or educational facility, Sunray® will get the job done right.

Beat The Heat While Enjoying The Sunshine

It’s hard to be productive when the indoor temperature is too hot. Heat intrusion can cause your air conditioning bills to rise. You’ll also be using more electricity if you close the blinds to escape the sun. Enjoy your view and lower the temperature in your home or office by installing  heat regulating window film before the summer sets in. It blocks heat and glare while also preventing UV damage to your furnishings and carpets.

Saves Money And Energy In Winter

If your energy bills have steadily been climbing, drafty windows may be the cause. Replacing windows with double- or triple-paned glass can be expensive, but you can dramatically improve your home’s heat retention in winter by installing energy saving window film. This cost effective alternative can even help you earn LEED credit for making your store, home, retail facility, or office building more energy efficient.

Get Peace Of Mind By Installing Safety & Security Window Film

It’s not always easy to protect the people you care about, especially from spontaneous events. Severe weather, explosions, and bomb blasts occur without warning, and when they cause a window to break, the people nearby can be injured. To prevent flying glass from harming your students, family, or customers, install 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film. While the window or door may still break, the fragments will remain safely intact. These protective films can ensure your dressing room mirrors, showroom display cases, and glass windows and doors won’t harm someone if broken.

Design With Flair Using Decorative Window Film

Looking for an innovative way to upgrade your interior space? Sunray® has the answer.  Decorative window film changes the look of glass instantly, giving it an etched appearance at a fraction of the cost. It can be used for privacy, branding, or decoration. Our Mayfield Heights team will also customize your chosen film with your company logo or artwork if desired.

Stop Vandalism By Installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Nothing harms a business’s bottom line like vandalism. Defaced glass and mirrors must be replaced, and the cost can hurt your business. Ask our experts about 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film. It is scratch-, etch-, and gouge-resistant and can be applied to most glass and mirrored surfaces, including windows, showroom display cases, and changing room mirrors.

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