3M™ Window Film Specialists In LAKEWOOD, OHIO

As an Authorized Certified 3M™ Window Film Dealer, Sunray® Window Films has been providing outstanding customer service and expert guidance to its Lakewood, Ohio customers since day one. We’ve been serving the Northeast Ohio area since 1994, and your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. Our specialists will listen to your needs and help you select the right product for your home, commercial building, or government facility.

Bask In The Lakewood Sunlight Without Sweltering

Natural light makes being indoors more pleasant. Offices, shopping areas, classrooms, and homes are simply more comfortable when the sun shines in. Don’t let excess heat intrusion force you to close the blinds in your building. Heat regulating window film rejects heat, glare, and UV rays, so your rooms will remain pleasant, and your furnishings and carpets won’t be damaged by the sun.

Tinted Window Film Reduces Energy Usage

If installing double- or triple-paned glass is on your to-do list, consider the cost effective alternatives first. Drafty windows in your Lakewood home or office can be remedied instantly by installing energy saving window film.  These money saving products prevent heat loss and may also earn you an LEED credit at the same time. Being energy efficient doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Talk with our knowledgeable experts today.

Safety & Security Window Film Reduces The Risk Of Injuries When A Window Shatters

Windows are beautiful, but they’re also fragile. Any number of things can cause glass to break, but installing 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film can protect customers and clients in the event of breakage. If a sudden storm, explosion, or bomb blast occurs, your windows and mirrors are at risk. Keep broken shards safely intact with this protective product. Ask our expert team about applying it today in your home or retail location.

Get Privacy And Style By Installing Decorative Window Film

Update your reception or conference areas with beautiful decorative window film. We offer hundreds of patterns and designs that look like etched glass but cost a fraction of the price. These films can turn a translucent window into an opaque surface, providing much needed privacy instantly. Our design experts have also customized films for our Lakewood, OH customers as well. Including a logo or unique design is just one of the many advantages that come with decorative window film.

Prevent Vandalism With Anti-Graffiti Window Film

If a glass door, mirror, or window is defaced by vandals, it impacts more than your bottom line. Vandalism that isn’t removed promptly can deter people from visiting your business. Prevent destructive scratching, etching, or gouging by having our Lakewood team install 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film. Our Northeast Ohio customers know that this film offers protection and peace of mind.

Our reliable Lakewood, OH Window Film specialists are experienced and ready to help.

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