3M™ Window Film Experts In KAMMS CORNERS, OHIO

If you live or work in Kamms Corners and need window film for your home, office building, or retail facility, talk with our industry experts first. Sunray® Window Films has been serving the Northeast Ohio area since 1994 and is an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer. We have helped individuals and business owners for decades and are familiar with all forms of installation. We have built our reputation on years of dedicated service and attention to detail.

Enjoy The Kamms Corners Sunlight Without The Scorching Heat

When you spend your days indoors, it’s important to have a view. Windows make indoor spaces feel more open, but summer heat can force you to close the blinds to prevent excess heat from building up inside. Instead of sacrificing your view, discuss your window film needs with our friendly Kamms Corners team. Installing heat regulating window film can reduce heat intrusion and glare while lowering your energy bills and protecting your carpets and furnishings from being damaged by the sun.

Prevent Heat Loss With Tinted Window Film

Wintertime brings cooler temperatures to Northeast Ohio, and your Kamms Corners store or office may be leaching warmth via drafty windows. Double- and triple-paned windows may solve the problem, but the cost can be exorbitant. Talk with our experts about making your environment more energy efficient by installing energy saving window film. You may be eligible for LEED credit after installation as well.

Safety & Security Window Film Protects People And Property

When a window or glass display case shatters, shards go everywhere. Breakage can be caused by all kinds of events, including severe weather, explosions, and bomb blasts. Protect your shoppers, employees, and your students from harm by installing 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film. It can protect glass and mirrored surfaces throughout your building.

Install Decorative Window Film For Privacy And Style

If your school or commercial building lacks a private area to meet with students or clients, you may be thinking of building partitions to create one. Unfortunately building walls or installing partitions interferes with the natural flow of light. The end result can feel closed in instead of inviting. Meet with our design team to discuss installing decorative window film instead. When applied to a transparent surface, it looks like etched glass, filters sunlight, and provides privacy instantly. Sunray® carries a large collection of designs and patterns, and our team can customize many options with a design of your choice. Whether you’re looking for privacy, style, or logo recognition, our Kamms Corners team is ready to help.

Stop Vandalism By Installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film

A defaced mirror or window is more than just an eyesore. Upon seeing it, the people who frequent your store can feel uneasy about doing business with you. When this happens, your business can suffer. Prevent destructive vandalism by installing gouge-, etch-, and scratch-resistant 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film on all your windows, mirrors, and display cases. The investment will pay for itself in the long run.

Give our Kamms Corners, OH Window Film specialists a call today at (800) 295-8468. We’re here to help.