3M™ Window Film Experts In HUNTERS WOOD, OH

If you’re looking for window film for your home, commercial building, or educational facility in Northeast Ohio, the industry experts at Sunray® Window Films can help. As an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer, Sunray® has been serving the community of Hunters Wood since 1994. Your satisfaction is our number one goal, and we’re happy to help guide you in your selection. Homeowners and business owners have differing needs, and we’ll work with you to pick a product that meets them.

Eliminate Excessive Heat While Still Enjoying Your View

Windows makes working or spending time indoors more pleasant, but excess heat can penetrate glass and force you to close the blinds to prevent overheating. Instead of blocking your view, talk with our Hunters Wood experts about heat regulating window film. It rejects the sun’s heat and glare, so your interior space will remain comfortable even on hot summer days. Window film also prevents UV damage that would ordinarily fade your upholstery and furnishings.

Create An Energy Efficient Environment With Tinted Window Film

Despite their beauty, windows tend to be drafty. In the winter, heat can escape, and that means your heating system will have to run more frequently to maintain the indoor temperature. Double- or triple-paned glass is one solution, but energy saving window film makes a huge difference without the high price tag. Our Hunters Wood experts can help, so be sure to ask about earning LEED credit for making your office or home more energy efficient.

Safety & Security Window Film Minimizes Injuries

Insurance can give you peace of mind, especially when it protects the people you care about. If your facility has glass windows, doors, or mirrored surfaces, consider installing 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film. This protective film will keep broken shards in one place during storms, explosions, and bomb blasts. While a window may still break, at least the broken shards won’t endanger the people nearby. Ask our Hunters Wood experts about installing this film throughout your commercial building or home today.

Decorative Window Films Combine Purpose And Personality

If your design plans include adding a unique decorative feature to glass or mirrors, then visit our knowledgeable team to discuss Sunray’s wide variety of decorative window film products. They come in numerous patterns and styles and can be applied to most mirror or glass surfaces. And if your home or industrial space needs more privacy, these films can be used to make a translucent surface opaque instantly. Decorative window film also has the look of etched glass and can be customized to include a design or logo of your choice.

Stop Damage By Installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Glass windows and doors make any space more pleasant. Unfortunately, they’re often targeted by vandals. Prevent etching, scratching, and gouging by installing 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film on all of the vulnerable surfaces in your home, office, or store. Our experts have successfully installed these protective films on a variety of surfaces, so ask them about protecting your mirrors, display cases, and windows today.

Our Hunters Wood, OH Window Film specialists understand your needs and are ready to help.

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