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Every company strives for customer satisfaction, and Sunray® Window Films has been meeting and exceeding customer expectations in Northeast Ohio since 1994. As an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer, Sunray® is proud of its track record for excellence in Gates Mills, Ohio, and we welcome the opportunity to help you with your window film needs.

If you need a specialist who understands your market, be it commercial, industrial, or residential, we can help.

Stop Sacrificing Your View Because Of Summer Heat

Windows make being indoors more pleasant, especially at work. Unfortunately, that corner office with the great view may be unbearably hot during the Gates Mills summer. To prevent heat intrusion, glare, and UV fading, install heat regulating window film throughout your building. It will keep your rooms cooler, so you’ll be able to enjoy the natural light and the view no matter what day of the year it is.

Save Energy With Tinted Window Film

Winter temperatures often make interior rooms chilly. Turning up the thermostat, while effective, also leads to high energy bills. Before you decide to install double- or triple-paned windows, talk with the experts at Sunray® about the benefits of energy saving window film. It costs less than replacing windows and can earn you LEED credit as well.

Be Prepared For Unexpected Breakage With Safety & Security Window Film

When you own a retail store, home, or commercial building, you need to put protections in place even for things you can’t entirely expect. Storms, explosions, and bomb blasts often occur without warning, and when they do, vulnerable elements like glass windows and doors can be broken. To keep glass shards from harming people in their path, install 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film. When applied to mirrors, display cases, and windows, the film holds the broken pieces in place, so they can’t harm anyone.

Be Creative With Decorative Window Film

Once you’ve painted the walls and bought the furniture, you may be looking for creative window treatment options. Many homes and offices have windows that let light in but also sacrifice privacy. Decorative window film can solve both situations. Designer films have the appearance of etched glass without the high price tag. They also turn transparent surfaces opaque instantaneously, so the light will still shine in, but your privacy will be protected. Talk with the design team at Sunray® if you want to add a unique element to your chosen film as well. Many films can be custom-modified to include logos or artwork, so let us know what you have in mind, and our Gates Mills, Ohio team will help.

Be Proactive About Preventing Vandalism By Installing Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Vandalism is more than just an eyesore. It’s expensive to remove, interferes with business, and makes parents uneasy about dropping off their kids at your facility. Fight graffiti before it happens by installing 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film on windows, glass doors, restroom mirrors, and showroom display cases. Our team has helped many Gates Mills, Ohio store owners and schools prevent damage with these gouge-, etch-, and scratch-resistant films.

As leaders in the industry, our personable Gates Mills, OH Window Film specialists are trained to provide the best service and solutions for your needs.

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