Your 3M™ Window Film Experts In Columbus, OH

Choosing window film for your office, home, or commercial facility can be intimidating. At Sunray® Window Films, we’ve been providing outstanding customer service and expert guidance in Columbus and Northeast Ohio since 1994. Our knowledgeable experts have the industry experience needed to help you with any project. We are proud of our track record in Columbus, OH and welcome even the most challenging industrial or government installation project.

Don’t Let Excessive Heat Deprive You Of Natural Sunlight

Sunny days are a real joy until the sun’s rays cause your home or office to overheat. With heat regulating window film, you can keep the blinds open and enjoy the view without baking indoors. These films also reduce energy usage and take the strain off your air conditioner.

Tinted Window Film Saves Money

During the cold Columbus winter, your heater has to work extra hard. And if your commercial building or home has drafty windows, that extra energy could be costing you a fortune. While installing double- or triple-paned glass is one option, energy saving window film is far less expensive and can reduce your energy costs and earn you LEED credit at the same time. Talk with our friendly experts today.

Get Peace Of Mind With Safety & Security Window Film

If you’ve ever had a window break, you know that glass shards go everywhere. Despite their beauty, windows are fragile, and you never know when something will cause one to shatter. Our experienced window film experts will help you choose the right 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film, so you can protect your customers, employees, and family members from being injured by shattered glass during a storm, explosion, or bomb blast.

Modernize Your Interior With Decorative Window Films

When you’re looking to update your facility, adding decorative window film is a worthwhile investment. Instead of drawing the blinds in a glass conference room or installing shutters to keep a bathroom window private, you can let opaque window film do the job. Our window film can also be customized to include artwork or a company logo, so you can personalize any glass or mirrored surface in your Columbus building.

Protect Your Windows And Mirrors With Anti-Graffiti Window Film

As a school official or business owner, the last thing you want to worry about is vandalism. Glass and mirrored surfaces are prime real estate for vandals, but you can stop them from damaging your property by installing 3M™ Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Window Film. It resists most forms of vandalism, including gouging, scratching, and etching, so you can concentrate on doing your job instead of replacing damaged surfaces.

Our knowledgeable Columbus, OH window film specialists will listen to your needs and help you decide which type of solution is best for your situation.

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