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One-Way Mirror Effect

Do you know how to make an interior window reflective? We get a lot of  telephone calls with customers wanting a reflective window (One-Way Effect) inside of an office, school, church, etc… These are windows that have interior lighting and are not near natural light.
 Interiorlookingoutfrominsideroomreflective Customers must understand that in order to make this possible, the correct lighting must be 80% brighter on the side that they want the window to be reflective. Explain to them to think of a police interrogation room with the policemen watching the alleged criminal from a dark room. The alleged criminal is in a BRIGHT room. If you use that example and explain with the intention of helping your customer, they should understand that lighting plays an important factor.


  • Make sure before you install window film/tint to the window that the side you want to be reflective has an 80% brighter side than the 20% opposite side.
  • The reflection from the metal in 3M P-18 ARL will produce a shiny mirrored look (reflecting back towards the light source) therefore reducing or in most cases eliminating any transparency through the glass. The brighter it is, the more privacy you inherit. With this phenomenon in mind, if the lighting is equal or the same on both sides, the reflective look will be the same on both sides of the glass.
  • Keep in mind that the less light you have on the observer-side, the easier it will be to create the one-way mirror effect

If you follow these specific instructions, your customer will understand that this can be done if the illumination intended for reflecting an interior window can be achieved with the proper lighting.


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